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Sound of Freedom

What if I asked you if you could name the biggest illegal industries of the world? What would you say?

Probably a no brainer for all of us would be “drugs” and that would be correct as one of them.

But what would the others be, say the top 10? If you have been reading my blog for a few years you might come up with a couple more….

There is a movie just released yesterday that has hit theatres across North America that is bringing light onto a very dark, horrific and lucrative industry. The human trafficking, illegal sex trade and labour trade is an industry that is targeting our children and our youth.

The industries making the most profits listed on Global Financial Integrity are: Counterfeiting, Drugs, Human Trafficking/Slavery, Illegal logging, illegal mining, fishing, wildlife trade, crude oil theft, weapons and organ trafficking.

When we say human trafficking and slavery it sounds to our minds so much better than porn, child abuse, kidnapping and slave labour does it not?

However, as the new movie “Sound of Freedom” exposes, human trafficking is targeting our most priceless treasures – our children and grandchildren.

The movie is about a former federal law enforcement officer in the USA who leaves his job to start a team who go and rescue children from the clutches of sexual slavery. The story is based on a real life man and a real life scenario and of course some Hollywood license has been taken to make the movie more palatable for the big screen.

This movie is worth supporting, you can check if it is at your theatre and if it has not been released this week at your neighborhood theatre, you can request it. Link:

The goal of the movie producers is to have over 2,000,000 million people see the movie to send a huge shock wave to the criminal side that the world is now waking up to this horrendous exploitation and that is it NOT okay.

I believe that for years, we have known “stuff” was happening. For years we did not want to think about it, we turned our heads and our eyes to divert our attention but this industry is so blatantly real and stalking our very children and grandchildren (online is the most prevalent way) that we need to know this information and need to be the ones who stand up and say “no more!”.

I guarantee that the producers of porn, the child groomers will laugh at the thought that anyone would do anything, they have seen a population who honestly has not really cared so far to do much about this subject. In fact they are counting on a lot of us to be watching their porn and sadly that is true. The time to change that is now.

We must get the facts for what the industry itself actually is. Hollywood and the music industry have given us the “glamour” side of sex, and our youth and children soak that in. The reality of this world is a much more sinister and evil.

If the industry is listed in the top 10 most profit making businesses in the world (albeit illegal) do you seriously think they intend to stop anytime soon?

One of the things we can do is support the movie, find organizations that are invested in helping rescue children and youth, organizations that are helping the victims of such a horrific world and support them. Rescuing is one thing, healing and rehabilitating them is another. Write our governments and officials demanding that they step up the governments efforts to stop this trade.

What you and I can do is to learn the facts, be informed and teach them to our schools and most importantly to our children. Learn what to look for trends or signs that children who are targeted may start to express.

If no one is teaching this at your school - then you be the one to go in and teach the teachers, get the resources and hand them out, talk to the kids.

The industry in your mind probably has dark, filthy rooms, boxcars of people especially children and yes those images are very real and very true. But what you do not see are the everyday recruiters, watchers, groomers, who can be your neighbors, teachers, coaches, relatives who see dollar signs when they see your children. The most secreative way of recruiting people is online. If you do not know what sites, friends that your children are visiting, find out! Find out who your children's coaches are, their teachers, their group leaders. Make the job of these predators harder by saying along with the movie: “God’s children are not for sale!” “Our Children are not for sale!”

"Know the Facts on Sex Trafficking" is on the Joy Smith Foundation website along with online courses and help. Joy Smith's son is a Canadian police officer who found dealing with the industry was eating him alive. 93% of Canadian sex trafficking is Canadian people. She is one woman, one mom, who has made a difference in Canada in the world human trafficking - one person can make a difference.

For signs of trafficking watch this video or others on the website:

People are not for sale, they are not cattle, they are not livestock, they are NOT for sale!

As Canadians we are a fairly complacent bunch, did you know that MindGeek the biggest creator of porn in the world is located in Montreal. You bet, it is Canadian.

This industry is not going away, in fact it is getting bigger. The more exposure, the harder the fight from both sides.

I am not going to lie to you, the movie will be a hard watch, they are dealing with a horrific storyline ! But you will get educated into the world of human trafficking in a very real and fast way and you will get motivated to not ignore this tragic issue and you will be supporting the organization bringing this information to light.

Here is just some of the organizations you can seek out for more info and help: Joy Smith Foundation Canada - link is above

O.U.R.= Operation Underground Railroad (offers support in over 40 countries) Link:

Fight the New Drug Link:

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