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About Ray of Sunshine


Life can be HARD!


Often times our world can seem bleek, desolate and void of hope. We long to find something that can offer us hope, that can help us continue on in this journey called "life".


At Ray of Sunshine Ministries we believe God is that Hope and that Light - the continual beacon of good that the human soul craves for - the Light in a dark world.


Our goal in what we do is to offer that Light to you and through our endeavors we want to provide you with a "light" source to bring you hope and encouragement. God takes the raw, the rough and the dark and He can turn it into something that is gentle, smooth and loveable.


Take Wood for instance - a Master woodcrafter can restore a rough old piece of tree or lumber into a new and useful work of art, or a functional piece of furniture.  He takes the raw material and transforms it into a Masterpiece.


Jesus came to earth as a carpenter,  a craftsman. He can take a raw and rough person and transform them into His masterpiece, totally changed and made new. Light in a dark world. Jesus died on a piece of wood - a very dark day in history, but because of His death, we now have life, light and hope.

"I am the Light of the World"


John 8:12


Jane Wheeler lives with her husband in Northern Alberta, Canada. Jane has three grown sons that bring joy, excitement and sometimes lots of prayer to her life. Jane has been teaching, leading and writing for over 40 years as God leads and directs her. 


From non-profit to corporate, from manager to event planner – all business roads helped shape her career in writing, teaching and leading. Jane is passionate about marketing and customer service.


Janes other passion is woodworking. Taking a raw, rough piece of lumber and creating something useful and beautiful is exceptionally fun. It is a true analogy of how Jane sees her life with Jesus.


Jane's life has been characterized by her friends as "never dull and boring".  Life is an adventure and while not always pleasant, there is usually good and bad at the same time. You just have to look a little harder for the good sometimes. 


Ray of Sunshine Ministries is based on Gods name for Jane - Sunshine.  During a time of huge stress, God told Jane that He wanted her light to shine through the blackness. Thus Ray of Sunshine is a life goal to bring light and hope to people wherever they may be in their life journey by sharing God and His Grace, Mercy and Love with others.

About Jane
About Jane
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