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Move That Forest!

I read an interesting and thought-provoking story.

In the story a person is asked if he could grab hold of the trees with his hands and move them all at once to clear the land. The fellow in the story looked shocked, “you want me to grab these trees and move them?” as he looked about him in the forest?

The question was, “could you?”

It seems so absurd that I almost dismissed the whole story.

I live in the forest, trees all around me. It was a very windy week and at one point I sat out in what we call the “dog run”, it actually is a fenced circle that we also have the green house and the garden in, designed originally to keep dogs in, yes, but also to keep other animals out. Do not need deer nibbling and feasting on my garden.

I sat out there one day when it was super windy, the trees were blowing so hard they actually bent over me. Trees that were 20 feet away were leaning so hard that they threatened to come up out of the ground and fall onto my head. I only lasted 5 minutes sitting there, it was unnerving.

To read this story after that was like, no one can move all the trees in the forest with their hands and throw them aside.

Well, I found out, that it not actually true. It depends on perspective, and the stage of the trees.

You see if someone cut the trees down and into pieces you could possibly move the forest from there to here with your hands. But that would be a lot of work, this question was more about grabbing all the trees and moving them from there to here in one sweep. Impossible!

When I got the answer, I was a little sheepish.

The answer is again in the stage of the tree. When the trees are seeds, you can take a whole bag, which represents a forest and throw the whole bag over there very easily.

I felt your eyeroll, but did you come up with the answer before I said it?

Well, it turns out “stages” are important for many things.

If I am going to have a sugar craving, and I dwell on what I could eat. I might daydream about ice cream. I can think about ice cream, what kind, what flavour, all day and by the afternoon, I will probably have to go in my car and find some. However, if I had stopped the craving at the beginning, the “seed” stage and stopped thinking about ice cream, I could have alleviated the whole trip.

The seed stage is an important phase, it is the place where ideas begin, where thoughts are let loose or held back. The seed stage is the place where “the mind of Christ” comes into play or we push it aside and ignore it completely.

The seed stage in the garden is where the actually seed gets buried into the ground, watered, given sufficient warmth to grow and left to do it’s thing.

The seed stage is either the safe place in our minds to let things grow and come up with the best creative or inventive plans or the deadliest place to let things grow. Those little thoughts that should be squished as immediately as they came…. That very nice man at the grocery store yesterday…… he was so kind, so polite and had such an amazing smile, I wonder if..…

If we are not available to have a relationship then that kind of thinking my friends is a seed that should never get planted and definitely not cultivated. We need to avoid that seed hitting any contact with the soil of our mind, we do not need those kind of thoughts to grow.

Or, it was not a really bad movie, oh sure, it had some ‘parts’ that were questionable, but I can ignore those scenes….bad seeds.

I do not care if she is a nice person, she said the meanest thing to me, and I do not have to like her or ever forgive her……. bad seed.

The seed stage is where we can alleviate a forest of negative proportions. Seeds are designed by their creator to grow, it is how plants reproduce and perpetuate constant survival. Weeds are the most proficient in this!!!! I am finding weeds and clover at my place!

I had never thought before that my first initial thoughts were actually seeds, capable of making a forest of ramifications either positive or negative, simply by allowing them to grow in my mind.

Throw the bad seeds out! As soon as seeds start playing across the screen in our minds, if they are not seeds that we wish to reap a good harvest of from, throw them out, do not allow them to germinate and start growing. The very beginning is the place to take care of bad seed and it can be done with a whole forest of thoughts at one time, if it is done right at the seed stage.

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