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Some days you feel like no one cares. The phone never rings, no text messages, no emails, nothing. You are all alone and would anyone miss you if you were alive or not? You sit by yourself and hear the deafening roar of silence bounce off the walls in your mind. These feelings can be especially strong if you have no where to turn and hope is an illusive gift for other people but not for you.

One of the most famous movies of all times is based on this premise: It’s A Wonderful Life, the all time top rated Christmas movie made back in 1946 with Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and Clarence his quirky guardian angel. In the movie, George’s company made a mistake and lost several thousand dollars of other people’s money. George makes the discovery that he can save his family and his company with his life insurance and that he is in fact worth more dead than alive. George feels all alone and that the weight of this mistake is all on him, he feels he has no where to turn.

Being a stand-up guy and to not shame his family or go to prison with this horrible plight, he decides to kill himself. But divine intervention happens and in enters Clarence the angel, who falls from heaven plopping into the river that George is thinking of ending it all in acting like he is about to drown. George who sees him and is kind at heart, jumps in to save Clarence instead of diving in to drown himself, thus George Bailey is saved.

Divine intervention. It is my opinion, that we each have received divine intervention many, many times in our life, we are simply not aware of it. The Bible speaks numerous times of angels, divine appearances, and messengers of God. It seems that most people find it easy to believe in angels, especially guardian angels; apparently it is easier to believe in the angels than in a God who made them.

But if you are logical and think it through you must have had to come to some kind of conclusion about where angels come from…. Perhaps like George Bailey, you did not think your decision through 100%. He thought the world would be a better place if he had never been born and then George gets his wish, to see the world from the perspective of never being born.

Your life intersects with other people every day. Nothing is random and each decision you make affects you and the people around you, and you are not even aware of it. The world would not be a better place if you were not in it; really.

You need to watch the movie if you do not believe that, as it captures so well the decisions that one man made and how many people those decisions affected. You do not have to be a George Bailey to have this affect on the world, you simply have to be you.

There is only one you and will only ever be one you; even twins who may look alike have separate personalities because God created each of us to be unique, just the way He wanted us to be and He does not make mistakes.

One of God’s names is “The God Who Sees” – “El Roi” or it can be translated as “the God who sees me”. You can hold onto this name as it is a promise from God to you, God cannot lie. He sees you, He sees you when you are broken, He sees you when you are happy, when you are sad, and yes, He sees you when you are alone.

God gives us many stories of people in the Bible who travelled with God alone, the list is huge…. One of God’s specialties is in being there for those who are alone, to let them know He cares.

The song in the link below: The God Who Sees – is such a powerful song about broken people who thought they were alone and that no one cared. Hagar the single mother left alone in the desert to die with her son; did you know God sees and cares for the single mom? Ruth the widow, the outsider who did not belong; did you know God extremely cares for widows and those who do not “fit in”? David who was so scared that he hid in caves as he was hunted by those who sought to kill him; did you know God sees the struggles we face, the enemies that invade our lives? Mary who was plagued by demons and was shunned by people; did you know God specializes in those who are on the outside looking in?

Each one of these people God sought out and let them know He saw them and saw their brokenness; He gave them hope and restored them. God sees you and seeks you out wherever you may be hiding, whomever you are hiding from, He knows and He cares.

Please do not take my word for it; ask Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, ask Him for what you need (I am not talking about “winning the lottery”) Ask Him for a friend, family to reconnect with, safety, food… what do you need?

I can say in all honesty that God answers prayer, all prayer. It may not be quite the way we envisioned but He answers. I have seen too many answers happen to not believe. People being healed, children coming home, reconnecting, forgiveness given or received, broken hearts mended, lives restored.

You are never alone when God is with you. Sometimes you need “God with skin on” and He sends a physical human for you to connect with but God is always watching, waiting for you to talk to Him, holding out His hand in anticipation that you might actually reach out yours and grab His.

Trust Him, He is so trustworthy, so faithful. What do you have to lose besides your loneliness?

Link to the Song: The God Who Sees – Nicole C. Mullen and Kathie Lee Gifford

Psalm 139 is a psalm in the Bible for the lonely, the broken hearted, the ones wondering if anyone cares.

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