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Limping My Way into 2020

I have a Bakers cyst somewhere behind my knee. When the doctor told me the name in emergency, I stared at him incredulously in case he was pulling my leg (pun intended).

For those who do not know, Baker was my last name for 25 years. I had gone into emergency in excruciating pain, driven myself over in fact. If you know me, I do NOT go to emergency unless I am forced, it can be such an incredible waste of time. So here I am in pain, sitting in emergency for 4+ hours and this doctor tells me I have a “baker’s cyst, it is not a blood clot and it is not an emergency and go to my GP”. He sends me home, does nothing for pain, offers no suggestions, just walks away. If I was not in such pain, I probably would have kicked him on his way out.

Now at the moment he told me the name, I likened this cyst to more of a hemorrhoid, a real pain in the _ _ _ and even in my head called it a “will not”, will not come off and leave me alone. I hobbled out of the hospital and went home.

Now I have been told that I may be a tad stubborn, hard as that is to believe for some of you, it could have some truth to it.

I have hobbled, limped or shuffled for the past month, even in the deep US of A, I refuse to give up. I have seen 3 doctors about this and the last one told me, to sit with my leg elevated and not do much; no cooking, cleaning, or much of anything. I laughed inside and thought, lady you do not have a clue about my life.

It truly looks like I will be limping my way into 2020.

Don’t you love the sound of 2020? Like 20/20 vision. I believe that the world is coming into focus in 20/20. We will get a sharper understanding of what God is doing in the world. It will not make it easier nor even perhaps better, but we will get more clarity.

The Hebrew word for this year is Peh – it looks like a mouth and I read a couple prophecies that say we will need to speak what needs spoken and close our mouths for times when it should NOT be spoken. It will take great discernment.

When we were in the states we wanted to see the band “We The Kingdom” – I will post a link to my new favorite song by them at the end of the blog.

I also bought a sign in the states that says: The Church Has Left The Building

That might be offensive to some who have clung to the hope that the church is going to bring revival to our country, or are waiting for the church to rise up and take their rightful place in the country. Bad news, they probably will not and as we have sat back and waited for the church to make a move, we have now become the minority in our country. (I am not saying we do not need the church, but that is another blog altogether).

We, collectively, you and I, the people, are The Church, we are God’s Kingdom.

As we go about our day, we bring the church with us, we bring God to the people, we are the ambassadors for God. We are God’s hand and feet. Have noticed that the churches are not pulling in a whole lot of unconverted people into their doors. I have found for the past many years that the new people coming into the church are usually from a church down the road, and they are church hopping, looking for the “one”.

So where do the unsaved people hear about God? From us, we the Church, we the Kingdom.

The Lords Prayer says, “Let your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven”. I have written before, that God is bringing heaven down to earth, we have it backwards, thinking we need to get to heaven. But God wants heaven on earth and He can only do that when we, the Kingdom people let Him use us.

Clarity, 20/20 vision.

You, me, us. We the Kingdom are the ones that need to love as Jesus loves, we need to care as Jesus cares, we need to invest as Jesus invests into the lives of others. Then and only then will there be revival and change that our hearts long for.

I would rather limp my way into 2020 maimed than to miss being a part of the Kingdom. My pain and my doctor could cause me to sit on the sidelines and miss what God is doing, thinking “when my pain gets better” or “when I get fixed” or “in a month or so”. NO!

God is on the move now and I want to join Him in what He is doing. I would much rather have the adventure with God than sit on my couch watching TV.

Are you with me? Will you be the hands and feet God wants to use in 2020? Will you be His voice to those that need to hear? Will you be part of the Kingdom, the church that is brave enough to leave the building?

Our country, our nations are NEEDING the church to leave the building, they are the broken waiting to hear some good news, the maimed who are waiting for someone to pick them up, the crushed who need to be loved. Look around, there is no one who is not broken on some front…. The world needs us, We The Kingdom especially in 2020.

My new fav song by We The Kingdom: Holy Water

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2020

gosh, never heard of a baker's cyst. sounds awful.

I liked what you said about the lord's prayer ending...

I am very fortunate with all I have and able to do. Even more so with the previous broken wrists and patella. (no longer limping)

Prayer of st. francis helps me too.

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