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Eliminate the Kitties

I was trying to eliminate the kitties!

Okay so it was a virtual game on my ipad and no actual kitties got hurt in the making of this blog. I do find myself with an ongoing conversation in my head, “get rid of the kitties!” as I play this silly game online.

Now I admit that this is probably a repercussion of an ongoing resentment about cats pooping in my gardens. Marble the neighbor cat still saunters into the yard as if he owns it, regardless if I am standing there or not, the nerve! So, while I am playing my silly little game, I eliminate the “kitties!” and feel really good about doing it.

For you cat lovers, please remember no kitties were hurt in the making of this blog, it was all pretend, and so being totally fair, I get just as hot around the collar when I see

dogs on their “walks” being allowed to poop on my lawn.

As I lay there in bed this morning, instead of getting up or spending my time with God, I gave myself a talking to: “is this eliminating kitties a good use of my time?” I do not even consider myself to be a “gamer” or addicted to the phone or ipad and yet here I sit, 45 minutes later wondering if that was a good use of my time.

Do not even get me started about Pinterest. I am looking for good quality recipes and other very important things on there, that is productive, isn’t it?

These are tongue in check questions as I try to rationalize my very poorly made decisions over what I chose to prioritize in my day.

It is so easy to be distracted by the things in life that are not important, at least for me it sure is.

Yesterday I rushed in late to the prayer room, breathless and not really in the mood to pray because I was so distracted by “all the things I had to do!”

I blurted out, “I am late” to Gavin at the door.

He replied, “I did not know that God worked on a schedule”.

Busted. I said out loud but to myself, “No He doesn’t, but I sure seem to.”

Yes, the prayer room is exactly where I needed to be. In the Prayer room I get to stop, quiet down, listen and hear from God. It is a place of absolute peace and calm where I can quiet my soul, take a breath, and put back into place the priorities of my life.

And then the people come over for prayer and my life suddenly seems absolutely fine compared to what some of these dear folks are living through. The Prayer Room is such an amazing perspective giver.

Do you have a place like that? A place where you can sit, contemplate, and get a much better perspective on life? Everyone needs one. In one of my previous busy workplaces, I simply had a picture of a beach with 2 chairs sitting on it up on my wall. It was that place on the beach I could go to in my head and envision and escape to for short periods of time to take a refreshing mental break.

We all need that, a place to envision, or go to, too enable us to sort through the things in life that are distracting. Perspective is necessary to have a place in your mind or to physically go to take the time to sort through the things in our life that are necessary, the priorities and those that are chaff. Chaff being the things that the wind can blow away and have no value. My time spent on my kitty game qualifies as chaff, even my time on Pinterest or Facebook does too.

Perhaps it is time for all of us too analyse what in your life is chaff and what really matters.

A lady in the Thrift Store yesterday came in to buy some furniture as she was moving to Gr. Prairie from the Okanagan giving up her retirement dream of living it out in a warmer climate. A volunteer said to her, “it must be hard to move here from down there.”

Her answer, “No, my family is here and it is not a problem at all, family is much more important.”

Priorities, sometimes the answer is right there in front of us.

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1 Comment

Aug 31, 2020

So sorry for late response as I am flipping around on my phone time to get rid of a few things in my day lol 😝

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