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Are You Employable?

I had a swirling of things happen again that brought me to a conclusion that there was another theme.

The first was a line in a book, the line was: Are you employable?

Did you know there is a test to know if you are employable, questions like:

What is your time keeping like?

At an interview, how do you dress?

You have a deadline and lots to do otherwise, how do you handle it?

How do you react to negative feedback?

Are you a team player or prefer to be on your own?

Do you like repetitive jobs, doing the same thing every day or do you prefer change?

How do you like people?

I had thought the answers to these questions was common sense, turns out maybe not. These are really important questions that managers need clear and honest answers for when interviewing candidates. Why would they hire someone to greet customers if they prefer to be on their own? That would not make sense. From my own managerial experiences, the dress question is valid: I did not hire the gal who came in pajama pants and took a phone call from her sister in the 15-minute interview…just saying it was not a great first impression.

The other thing was from another book I am reading that someone blessed me with called “Caleb”. The story of Caleb in the Bible who was not Jewish but wanted to be a part of their lives and left Egypt with them when God rescued them. He went on to be one of the 10 volunteers to go and spy out the Promised Land to see what it was like. Of the 10 volunteers only 2 said the land was good, the other 8 responded in fear and said "no the people were too strong, they could never take over the land." Caleb and Joshua, were the only 2 of that generation, millions of people, who were going to be allowed by God to enter the Promised Land. Not even Moses the great leader of the people was going to be allowed to enter the Promised Land. God was fed up with the Israelites, they complained, they quarreled and looked to manmade gods to help them instead of looking to the God who saved them.

The Israelite nation had been miraculously rescued by God from Egypt, God fed them manna and quail in the desert, He brought water from a rock. The Israelites responded by whining about having the same food all the time, they hated the desert and even said they wanted to go back to being slaves in Egypt. They thought that was better than being free in the desert together. Only 2 men, 2 God serving and God fearing men were employable by God to enter the land from that band of people. Children born for the next 40 years were allowed but the people who had been rescued and complained for 40 years were not going to see the Promised Land.

We had a young fellow preach at church last Sunday, he asked a question that got stuck right there in my brain and I had to repent as it pierced my heart immediately.

The Israelite nation whined and complained bitterly about their desert experience and were prevented from entering the Promised Land. Covid has disrupted our lives, it is a season, a wilderness, a desert – have I whined and complained all along the way? Or have I given God the glory, praise and adoration He still deserves in spite of Covid? Is my heart in the right condition that I would/will be allowed to enter into the Promised Land? Very sobering because I have done my fair share of whining and complaining.

I picture the sea of nomadic tents the Israelites were in spread out across the desert and people standing at their doorways pointing at their neighbors saying, “look at them, look at what they are doing.” I confess, I think I would have been one of these because are not a lot of us standing in our own doorways pointing out what our neighbors are and are not doing during Covid?

The other thing he said was equally as powerful: You cannot shorten the “season” that God has ordained to give you, but you can sure lengthen it.

God sends things into our lives to teach us to grow, develop character and learn to love Him more. If I am a poor learner perhaps even a poor employee, then I have to take more time to learn the lessons that I need. The Israelites ended up wandering the desert for 40 years when it could have been so much shorter.

Let’s take the Employable Quiz in light of God’s deciding if we are employable:

What is your time keeping like?

Do you show up when God asks you to do something? Or is my comfort and my timetable more important? Are you respectful of others time, including Gods? God often shows up when it is not convenient – how do you base your decision to do what He asks: on your wants or His?

At in interview, how do you dress?

Dress might not seem like a huge thing in God’s kingdom but it is. Am I wearing clothing that will be seen as provocative? Is there too much cling, too much cleavage, too short that bending is dangerous or perhaps too much butt crack showing? The eye is an interesting thing, it moves to whatever is showing and distracts from whatever I am saying. My body may be saying one thing while my mouth can be saying something else.

You have a deadline and lots to do otherwise, how do you handle it?

Life is full of deadlines, do I get cranky, and sullen? Do I bend to fear and anxiety or will I take some time to pray and ask for divine wisdom and supernatural strength?

How do you react to negative feedback?

This one makes me giggle since I often get negative feedback from God or maybe I simply just picture Him rolling His eyes at me in my head. Do I justify myself? “Well, you know what they did, it’s not fair, did you see what happened?” Or am I teachable and repent: Lord I am sorry, that was not a kind thing to think or say, please forgive me and teach me to react the way you would.

Are you a team player or prefer to be on your own?

God has a huge team and you had better be able to play nice with others. A properly functioning team is a well-oiled machine that can take trophies and dominate the entire playing field or even perhaps the world.

Do you like repetitive jobs, doing the same thing every day or do you prefer change?

God’s kingdom is always changing, never stagnant. You will have to accept change and not run from it. It keeps life exciting.

How do you like people?

Here is the clincher question. If you do not like people, perhaps you need to take some time and talk to God. God is all about people – ALL people. He loves them. He created them and He expects you to love them too.

How did you score on God’s Employable Quiz? Would God hire you or do you need to do some self work and reapply?

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