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The Dark Side Part 1

"No one will believe it,” I said.

He said, “write it anyways.”

I have always told people and tried to live like I truly mean it, that the spiritual world is as real as the physical world. I think if asked, we all could attest to “weird” stories. Perhaps lights that seemed to turn on or off by themselves, drawers that had been opened, door locked or unlocked, sometimes you might see a blur out of your peripheral vision and turned expecting to see “something or someone” and there is nothing. But you know you saw something; more than likely it was the spiritual world, an angel or perhaps a demon?

I wrote a blog a couple of Christmases ago about meeting a lady that I am sure is my guardian angel, I deducted that because she simply vanished. The spiritual world is very much alive and around us all the time. We just usually cannot see it. But if we do not believe in it why are so many tv shows and movies directed towards this subject?

I have been aware of the reality of the spiritual world for a very long time. Probably since 1972-73. I had been attending an Anglican church at the time and the Pastor there that helped me with my confirmation classes gave me some of the best advice that I ever received. He informed me that the demonic world is very real and he cautioned me to never, ever use a Ouija board or try to talk to spirits or open the door for any spirits to come into my life. I think he might have been the one to tell me that alcohol used to be called “spirits” because letting your mind “go” by alcohol or drugs (any kind) is an open door to inviting the unwanted spirits inside of you.

You see he had been a Pastor for the visitations at Essondale Mental Hospital in Coquitlam, B.C. now called Riverview, but since closed down. When you drive by it, the place still looks haunted and eerie. He told me that he was convinced there that the spiritual world is very real. He saw people do things with their bodies that are impossible for the human body to do. He was not trying to “scare” me, he actually was quite a joker, but on this subject he was very serious. He told me that anytime I start to think about satan or demons to immediately launch into the Lords Prayer and you know I did. This kept me from wandering down a road that unfortunately out of curiosity many fall into. The dark, evil side of life.

It is a twist of life that I avoided the subject at every chance but God gave me spiritual

discernment to know if events that happen are “spiritual or natural”. I have worked with people who suffer from the demonic from time to time as God has sent them to me. I do not go looking for them.

We all, from childhood have had encounters throughout our life with the spiritual world. When you become a Christian one of the best things you can do is “clean house” inside your body to make sure no unwanted spirits have attached themselves to you. They will attach themselves to anyone who lets them, child or adult, they do not care, they are sent to seek and ultimately destroy.

While I was in Israel, I had an encounter for the entire time I was there with a woman who followed me around, quite literally. She had a background with satanic ritual abuse as sadly she was born into that lifestyle. By day 8, I started to get really unnerved by her and it became almost fearful with her showing up beside me or following me around. She was a part of our “group” but for some reason she was attached to me. It was not only myself that noticed it, my roommate as well. I ended up talking to my leaders about it and they offered some great advice, but cautioned me that I was on the top of Mount Carmel where the biggest spiritual battle of all time had occurred – what did I think would happen when I went there? Good point! I was in a very real spiritual battle, this one simply had flesh on.

I prayed, covered myself with God’s protection everyday, verbally and mentally put on the full armour of God Ephesians 6:8-10 daily. Still this woman would not let up. She brought a spirit of confusion with her wherever she went and totally caused confusion in a workshop on prayer to the point several people left and some were crying. It was interesting to watch her in action but not so interesting to be followed.

One of my leaders told me that the above daily “provisions” of praying, covering myself with God’s protection, and putting on the armour were a great start but that we are at war, so what is my strategy? She said that if I had been doing all of the above things and then going about my day, going to work to the grocery store – they were good back then, but this is now, we are at war, what is my strategy?

I answered, “strategy?”

She said, “Yes. When a country goes to war, they have a room, a command center and they meet and they make plans, they strategize, they cast vision and lead.” She said, “it would be a little late to make the strategy after the war was over.” This is a key piece of advice for the days we live in.

I spent time in prayer asking God what my “strategy” should be. He gave me a couple of great ideas and I did them. I was feeling pretty good on the last day of our trip when we all got together and of course this lady was in our little group with me. We closed our session by praying for each other. When it was my turn, I was seated in a chair in the middle and they group gathered around to pray for me. The very first person to pray for me and put her hand right onto the middle of my back, while my head was down and my eyes were closed, was this woman. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Afterward she got me alone and said to me, “you are a mighty woman of God.”

A couple of days before, I might not have been able to answer the way I did as I had been caving in to some “fear” but now I had worked it through so I turned to her and said, “Yes I am.”

She went on, “I see you going out with your sword and taking down the enemy and you have a long line of carnage behind you. But if I was you, I would taper it down a bit.”

Every ounce of me rose up and I replied, “I don’t think so”.

She gave me a smile and moved on.

It was not until after our move in our new house when I crashed emotionally, physically and spiritually to the point where I scared myself, that I met a lady who I trust with Godly discernment to the upmost.

She told me that God was not letting her have any peace about my “exhaustion”. She could not explain it and she had been praying for me a lot, but she told me that what kept coming to her was this lady in Israel. She went on to ask me, “did she by any chance, at any time happen to….”

“Touch me?” I finished her sentence myself. I looked at her and nodded.

She said , “I thought so. I think you have picked up a spirit from this lady in Israel, I’m sorry.”

There was nothing for her to be sorry about, as she said it, I felt it was truth, but I waited until 2 other people confirmed it for me.

Part 2 - The Dark Side Continued - my personal journey down a very dark week

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