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  • Jane Wheeler

The Best Selling Book of All Time

There was a time where I thought that the Bible was an old-fashioned book, not really having a benefit for our modern times. Boy, was I wrong!

“Man Survives Three Days In Belly Of A Whale!”

“King Caught In Adultery and Murder Plot!”

“Lost Son Found In Another Country—Sold By Own Brothers!”

“Christians Tortured And Murdered For Their Faith!”

These are not some newspaper headlines that you read today—these are some of the stories the Bible is full of. You see, the Bible is full of people stories, people

just like us. People who, in Biblical times, grew up in dysfunctional homes, who were trying to get along in this world, on their own, and often doing it badly. God loves those people and He loves people just like us. He knows that we are not perfect, and He loves us anyway!

What the Bible is full of is God’s promises and reassurances that He will guide us and be with us through our whole lives, and in spite of our shortcomings, He will continue to be with us and love us – always.

That is what the Bible is full of, and when you read it, you will marvel how God could use some of those people. They were liars, scam artists, murderers, and people, who, like us — are imperfect. It is full of God’s instructions for us, instructions how to love, how to raise our children, how to live with other imperfect people.

God did not put us here and leave us on our own; He graces us with His guidance through the Bible. Over and over and over the Bible is full of God’s words that help us navigate life.

How do we get to know what it says? Read it.

The Bible has been the world’s number 1 best seller for years, hundreds as a matter of fact. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Bible is the best seller with over 5 billion copies sold (*Guinness World Records since 1955).

For a book that is the #1 best seller, we have a problem: in several studies conducted in the USA, I shall use the Lifeway Research (picture at the top of the page), they state that while, “Americans are fond of the Bible, Don’t Actually Read it”.[1]

God gave us the Bible as an instruction book that is as relevant today as is was 2,000 years ago, and it will be 2,000 years from now as well. Maybe it is time we sat down with “The Book” and actually read what it says. Just saying.....


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