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  • Jane Wheeler

They Still Blame Me

I was coming home from town tonight and my heart got really heavy. I have a special gift that God gives me, albeit not often, it is the feeling of His heart. Tonight the intensity of His sadness was almost unbearable. I start to cry when He does this, they would not be my tears, but it is as if He is using my body to cry through.

I asked God why He was so sad.

“They are still blaming me.

I let them (people) choose their own path (Adam and Eve and free will) and they still blame me.

"This woman you gave me…." Genesis 3:12

I taught them rules so they would know right from wrong, (the 10 Commandments) and they still blame me.

I gave them my love (Jesus) and they still blame me.

I showed them my love (Jesus and the Cross) and they still blame me.

I sent my Holy Spirit to live inside of them, giving them everything they need to live joyously, with peace and with love, and yet they still blame me.

I could not have done any more and yet they still blame me.

They blame me for the stuff people do and say. They blame me when they will not do what I tell them to do. They blame me for it all.

They come to me and say do you know what they (other people) said?

Do you know what they (other people) did?

Yes, yes I know.

And I ask them, are you, you – not those other people, doing what I asked you to do? I ask this of those who come to me, because I cannot ask those who do not come.

I only ask 2 things.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37, Luke 10:27

I have given you everything that you need to live, but instead of “I will God”, you say, “I can’t” and that is not true because I have given you everything you need.

Love is the only answer, it is the perfect answer and it is my answer. Love never fails, never falters, never compromises. Love is who I am and I only ask that you give the Love I have given you to the others around you, in spite of what they say or do.

You see Love never fails, I know because I created it.”

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