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Missions Thrift Store

I have great news that will bring you great joy!

Familiar words?

They should be - they were the words the angels told the shepherds on the night of Jesus birth.

My news for you is that we have a new birth in Grande Prairie that will have far reaching implications for the world.

The Missions Thrift Store is set to open in January here in Grande Prairie. It will be a welcome addition to their 50 stores across Canada.

Why am I so joyful when January is still so far away? And what makes this store so special?

I heard a sermon this week that said that across the world a Christian is being persecuted for their faith every 3 minutes. Last year alone, 165,000 people were killed because they were Christians. We like to think that we are “safe” in North America and while at this time we may be – many in the world are not. In fact there has NEVER been a worse time in the history of the world (including WW2) for Christians. More Christians have been martyred in the past century than at any other time since the creation of the world.

Someone or something is trying to shut it down – but it is not working. Similar to the times after Jesus was crucified the church grew exponentially even though it was not allowed to by government law. In countries around the world today that are not allowed to proclaim the name of Jesus – the church is growing. But they need Bibles, they need materials to reach others.

This is where we can help and the news gets exciting.

The Missions Thrift Store is the place to help make that happen. The revenue from the Missions Thrift Stores goes to buy Bibles and help teach others about God. They do this by partnering with Bible League Canada and they help prevent literacy – they teach people to read – from the Bible. They church plant and have children’s ministries. They align themselves with the persecuted church and peoples.

They live by the motto: “All Peoples. Everywhere. Transformed by the Living Word of God.”

How can you help?

With over 50 stores across Canada there is bound to be one by you. Check it out….

In Grande Prairie, while the store is not open until January 1st, as of November 1st and on you can take your donations to their new facility in the Town Centre Mall – the old EI/Manpower Center right across the street from The Coop Food Store downtown.

To save on revenue – the store is staffed by volunteers, except for a store Manager. You can volunteer to help in the store once a week, once a month and even name your hours.

Join the Board – the Missions Thrift Store is regulated by a local board made up of Gr. Prairie’s own folks – they have a couple of positions left to fill.

Want more info on the Missions Thrift Store – connect with my friend – Norma MacLean – the New Grande Prairie Missions Thrift Store Manager. Her number is 780-380-4462.

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