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  • Jane Wheeler

Road Trip Chronicles

Websters Dictionary defines the word "Chronicles" as - seen and heard - my road trip adventures fit that definition. One of my many favorite places is Liard Hot Springs.

Located on kilometer 765 on the Alaska Highway it is a little out of the way unless you are headed up to Alaska. Personally I would take the trek up the highway just to go to the Hot Springs it is that awesome!

Liard Hot Springs is the 2nd largest hot springs in Canada and a wonderland of beauty. The hot springs are in a natural state, not a cement pool with hot water. There are three sections to the pool; one extremely hot, the other plain hot and the next more like hot bath water and they are all connected so you can swim over to the section that suits you. I have been there in the summer, fall and even sat in the hot water as snow was falling around me. That was an incredible experience.

Once you get to the Hot Springs you have to walk in on a board walk about 20 minutes over the swamp lands surrounding the hot springs. Often moose will be wandering around eating from the swamp,or you can watch the fish swimming in the clear water. It was free to go when I was there but I understand that they now charge a $5 day use fee which is payable in cash only.

There is a small campground at the Hot Springs and a small lodge across the street - not sure if it is still open, it was a little sketchy when I was there, but not much else is around the area. Muncho Lake 60 kilometers south is the nearest place - there is a Provincial Park there, and a beautiful lodge. Muncho Lake is one of those unique jade colored lakes that God obviously had fun making. I ate at the Lodge on my way up and it was gorgeous but a little pricey.

On the journey there, I have to admit the first four hours were not that exciting from Fort St. John to Fort Nelson as I was waiting for some "scenery" and there was not a lot on this stretch. The next three hours after Fort Nelson I was stopping on almost every corner taking picture after picture of glorious God made scenery. The Rocky Mountains loomed before me on every curve. Pristine lakes abound and the wild life was everywhere.

I was up close and personal to bears, mountain sheep, deer, moose, buffalo; at one point I had to wait for the buffalo to move off the road. They are not scared of anything and they saunter at their own pace.

The tranquility of the Hot Springs, the beauty of nature all around you, makes Liard Hot Springs one of those places that rejuvenates your soul and is well worth the trip.

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