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  • Jane Wheeler

Do I Believe? (Conclusion part 2 of 2)

I sat and pondered – what had gone on in my house?

I had physical evidence that someone had been in here even with all the doors locked. Yet in my gut I felt that no one had been in the house. On the one hand, the dogs were all too calm, the doors were locked, but on the other hand ….. I had mud and the tv was on. I was bewildered beyond measure, scared and still sitting in my corner and talking to God. I did not have a violated feeling that people often talk about when they know someone has been in the house.

It was one of those moments where you take stock of things both physical and non-physical. I had no proof that anyone was here except mud and tv sound. All doors were locked, no one else had been home except me for over four days. The dogs were calm (which they would not have been if someone had been here). BUT – there was mud and the tv was on……

If anything can make a person feel “crazy” it’s situations like these; where nothing makes sense. Did I really not turn the tv on? Did I really lock all the doors? Did I or the dogs put the mud there? The mud – okay we can write that off from me or the dogs but the surround sound – that is a different story…. I did not know how to turn it on.

Eventually I went to bed – surrounded by three large dogs, 2 pieces of pipe on either side of the bed and a phone on each side, I put up the baby gate to trap us all in and intruders out and picked up my Bible and devotionals and began to read.

One of the first lines I read was – “When Things Don’t Make Sense Do We Still Trust Jesus?” I laughed as I could certainly relate. The second devotional was appropriately named “Jesus Makes House Calls”.

Jesus Makes House Calls – this line fills me with such a warmth and infuses my soul with the knowledge that indeed Jesus resides in this house simply because of the fact that I do. The Bible says that when we become a Christian – God Himself places His Spirit inside us and lives in us. What I needed at that moment was to remember that fact – Jesus Was Here. The God who made the universe, who is in control of the whole world – loves me enough to make House Calls.

I smiled over both of these statements and sat back in my well protected bed and wondered where my trust was - regardless of what had happened in the house. Was I truly watched over by the King of Kings and would I allow myself to sleep even if I could not figure out what had happened?

All I know is that in about a half an hour I did drift off to sleep with the phrase Jesus Makes House Calls still firmly etched in my mind. If you are going through something that just does not make sense; when what you see with your eyes does not line up with what you know; or are experiencing circumstances that are beyond your control – remember please – Jesus Makes House Calls.

– Just call Him!

PS – at 5:20 am this same night (well morning) Jax the grand puppy started barking – just little annoying barks. One and then silence for 30-40 seconds and then another, by number 6 - I was just mad and then something “banged” in the house. Well my two dogs were up, I was up and Jax was really barking now. I grabbed the 1/2" pipe and Jax led the way up the hall (my 2 dogs were behind me…heroes again). When we got to the corner of the hall and about to walk around the corner and into the front of the house – Jax stopped and was too scared to go around the corner. Some Hero – my dogs – I pushed him out of the way, swallowed my fear and jumped around the corner to find no one. (Praise God!) I let the dogs outside and went out onto the porch to notice that my renter downstairs had just come home. We quickly went back to bed.

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