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  • Jane Wheeler

Self-image is Marketing 101 Part 2

When being in love means being in pain – I can identify with this statement. It is how my life evolved and revolved for a long period of time. It took years and years for me to see that the problem with my pain was the way I loved myself.

When we truly love ourselves we will not allow the comments of others to penetrate our souls and dig a hole inside our hearts. Those harmful comments will bounce off of us like water on a ducks back.

What gives people a right to “comment” on other people’s looks? Do they think saying “how’s the weather way up there?” is an affirming comment to a tall person? Or “down there” to a short person.

Why does it matter how tall, small, big or little a person is? Who cares what color their hair is or isn't? Why do we really care what other people look like? Why do we care what other people think of us?

Marketing is everything. Why do first impressions matter? First impressions are a form of marketing. It can be a book cover, a job interview, a passing on the street but first impressions are what give people those wonderful, thoughtless comments to say.

All of us, from birth on have experienced the negative words of some people in one way or another. If you have thick skin or love yourself, you will not have these holes in your heart. But I did.

For those of us affected deeply by the words, criticism or abuse of others, we do have holes in our hearts. What do we do now?

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