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Self-Image is Marketing 101 Part 3

When we get hurt by something or someone in life, we have a tendency to not want to repeat it, not want to deal with it, to stuff it down, hide it away or to even deny anything touched us.[1] Everything that happens to you, whether physically or emotionally has an effect on your body.[2]

We are physical, spiritual and emotional beings – body, mind and spirit. The three have to work together to have a well-rounded life. When you get hurt in any area – body, mind or spirit the pain is felt in all three areas. Just get a splinter and you realize this: a tiny fragment of wood imbedded in your finger causes your whole body to ache. Your attitude changes, your body aches and your spirit is affected because it ceases to be calm until that sliver is removed. Not to remove the splinter causes irritation, swelling and possibly infection.

What about hurtful words, in my case the childhood teasing, how do they affect us?

Mentally (mind) – could not stop thinking about it – the tape keeps rolling over and over and over, anguish, shame, bitterness, anger, pain.

Physically (body) – felt sick to our stomach, our blood pressure went up because we were so… (angry, ashamed, stunned, pained, etc.)

Heart (spirit) – we took a hit to the center of our being – to our heart.[3]

It does not matter what kind of pain we have because pain itself causes us to try to do anything to remove it. Why is the practice of torture the presence of pain? Thus we may have crawled into bigger holes looking for release and love in all the wrong places. Marketing ourselves to the wrong people or the wrong thing.

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