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My day started at 3:00am. I woke up and could not sleep. I tossed and turned, I played games on my iphone, I prayed, got up, got back down, but sleep was an elusive bed fellow.

Now Brian on the other hand, snored his way through the whole night.

I have noticed that Monday nights can be tough for me, usually because they are followed by Tuesday.

Tuesday’s are a bit of a gong show at our house and have been for a while. I have learned that anything can happen on a Tuesday and it does.

Tuesday is my Gr. Prairie day and my mind is often whirling with what do I have to do, where do I have to go, who do I have to see? Because I teach a Bible study, also on Tuesday morning, I go over the lesson, try to remember what is in my bag and do I have all that I need? Like this morning I am connecting my printer to my computer to print a couple extra copies that I will need. It only takes a couple minutes…(I think to myself).

My goal is to get out the door by 8:00am, but usually it’s 8:30 because I find these couple of minute jobs to do and by then I am flying around like a mad woman, grabbing things as I head out. I usually do not eat because I ran out of time as I grab a bottle of water and call it good. I run through the check list in my head: hair? teeth? make up? Cause it is not impossible to miss some of these things, especially when I had the 5 puppies and Mocha running around at the same time!

For the days where I had to walk down to the car because of our driveway, you had to tack on an extra 10 minutes.

On top of this normal routine, I found out that a present I had ordered for a gift that was due at the beginning of August had been cancelled. Apparently, they can just do that. I had emailed and texted at least 10 times about it and they kept saying it was coming. I had ordered for myself and for a gift for someone. Mine came, theirs was cancelled. Sigh….looks like an afternoon problem, no time to deal with it now.

As I was rushing around trying to get dressed and ready, I again this week stepped barefoot into a lake of pee from our darling puppy, Mila. She is usually pretty good. Not impressed I now hobble my way over to the bathroom trying not to put my foot down on the floor. It is 7:50 and I am still thinking I am going to make the 8:00 deadline, I wash my feet, grab my pants and finish dressing.

I had tried to wake Brian up so he could watch the dogs 20 minutes prior but he is not moving.

I rush back into the bedroom and shake him again, “Brian I need you to get up.” It is met with a grunt.

I kiss him goodbye and head for the door, grabbing purse, bag and water bottle.

As I head out down the driveway, I notice that my dash warning light is reminding me that my tire is low from yesterday. An exasperation escapes my lips and I pick up my phone and call Brian telling him I think I need him to blow up my tire. He is now getting


I head back to the house and park, grabbing my tire gauge and checking the front tire. It seems to be okay, I check the back tire and it looks okay too. I realize that I am squinting and trying to see the numbers because of course my glasses are not on. Is it a 30 or a 40 on the tire gauge? I am guessing a 30 and look down at my shoes, it is then that I notice.

There is a large seam on my capri pants on my calf. I stand up and follow the seam up with my eyes to my waist area – there are a lot of large seams, “Oh Help!” My pants are on inside out.

I think about whipping them off on the driveway but it is dirt and they are black which are like magnet and steel, so I think better of it and rush for the house. I meet Brian at the door and say, “I think it is a false alarm. It is not the tires. It is a pants problem.” Brian cocks his head sideways to study me, trying to make any sense of what I just said.

“I think God got my attention with a tire, so that I would notice that my pants are on inside out,” I explain. He gets this because he gets me and gives me room to whip my pants off and turn them inside out. He goes to recheck the tires. God cares about the little things, we might not think he does but nothing is too small for Him to notice. Honestly I would have rushed into Bible study close to 10 and sat there the whole morning leading with inside out pants on.

Once back into the pants, I head back out the door and hit the road. I glance at the time, 8:25am. I sigh… welcome to Tuesday.

Why do you ask would I do this crazy routine week after week?

A willingness to listen to the voice that says “go”. I have to admit that once I am in the car, God and I have some amazing times together, listening to music and praying for many and talking. Tuesdays are often my favorite day of the week and even after all this! Some of my best times with God are in the car. By the time I get to Beaverlodge, halfway, I am usually calm and enjoying the drive.

Well, okay, calm and enjoying the drive might be a stretch, lately I get exasperated around Beaverlodge because you have to add on an extra 30+ minutes due to a high density of construction projects between a 20 kilometer stretch. At least 5 of them: 3 are paving crews, the others are installing culverts on the sides of the highway. God Bless Them but they add hugely to the length of the drive.

For the past month as I drive, I conjure up a blog in my head all about roadside signs strictly because of these construction areas. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the signs….. You get to go 100kms for a kilometer and then it’s down to 80 and 20 meters later it’s down to a 50 zone. So, you do 50 for like 20 seconds and then it is back up to 80 even though there is no sign of construction, life or anything, you have no idea why you had to do 50. Is there a school to teach people how to put out road signs? I am rather doubting it – someone should start one. In addition to those 5 true construction zones, there are these fun little speed zone changes probably about 8 of them.

Everyone who comes through the area has a sense of exasperation after going through it, I even heard a Pastor, one with the patience of Job, find it a little disconcerting! My boys were needing to go through the area and I talked to Gord, he said he had seen it the day before because he had to work in the area. When they came through with the truck and trailer, he went way around the construction zone not wanting to experience it again. It really is that frustrating, plus you are usually driving on fresh oil in the paving zones.

Construction and Winter the two seasons of the year all adding to a part of my normal but very Blessed Tuesday.

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