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The Rest of the Story (as I know it)

So many of you have asked, questioned and wondered about my adventure of renos and house selling with the main question being, “what now?”

I have been silent and there is a really good reason for that.

The reason is simply this – part of it is because I have only some of the story, the rest is still a mystery.

Maybe I have to start my explanation with a story:

“The LORD had said to Abram, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you.” Genesis 12:1

Abram got up and left. He was not told exactly where to go, or what to do when he got there – just to go. The reason he went was because the God of the universe told him to.

For me, back in August 2017 I was given a message that I believe was from God and He told me 2 things. “Write the book and buy the field.”

I wrote the book “The Complete Love Circle” and I looked for the field continuously. I looked east out to Valleyview, I looked north up to Fairview, I looked south, but it did not feel right, and I looked west – numerous times. In fact, when Brian and I added up the number of times we were sent to the west to a specific area just over the BC border it was probably about 20 times. It seemed to be a theme.

It was not something I told a lot of people because I had no idea why I needed a field or what it was for or how to buy it and to be honest it sounds kind of “weird”.

I remember telling Gord, my middle son about it and I can still picture him leaning against the wall and giving me “the talk”.

“Mom, do you really think you need a field? What is it for? It is really hard to buy raw land, you do not even know what it is for.”

I sat back and stared at him with a smile.

“Gord, you do not know your mother very well. If God tells me to buy a field, then come hell or high water I will buy a field when I know it is the right one. Whether or not I know what it is for.”

So, Brian and I have bought a field and it is in the general area of the 20 other places we viewed right on the Alberta/BC border. Now I have to admit over the 3 year search I queried God if I was allowed to buy a field more south than Grande Prairie, you know a bit warmer, not as long a winter. It seemed that was not the plan.

We knew that this year we needed to move onto our field, hence the reno push and the feeling that right now was the time we needed to sell, I even told our realtor that God had nudged me that this was the week to have the sign out. So, Thursday we put the house on the market and Thursday night we sold it. Yup, that fast, kind of a miracle, don’t you think?

God has been speaking to me over and over about “going”. Setting my face as flint and not getting distracted but to keep going on the path He has set out before us. Now the fun part, we have to be moved out by June 11 – yup, 2 weeks. We thought the reno’s were bad, but now we are packing.

One thing I know for sure, God told me over and over that He would tell me the rest of the plan once the house sold. Now it is sold and I am waiting for the next download, the next part of the adventure. I call it the terrifying and exciting adventure.

What is on our property? An outhouse and an old shed, yet we know we are moving onto the property.

If you want to talk about unsettling, try packing when you do not know what you are moving into.

Why would we do this? I do not expect you to understand, and perhaps others would not be okay to do this, but this is what I call living by faith. It is how God and I have lived since we became fast friends 40 years ago. Actually it is how God operates. If God tells me “go” then I go, just like Abram. If He tells me wait, then I wait, He tells me to pack then I pack. I have learned that His plans are “always better” than mine, every time.

Many of you will think I am foolish, many will think I am brave, (which I am not) but what I am is a daughter of the Living God and I simply listen to what He tells me. Right now the “go” is extremely strong, so I pack and wait for the next part of the adventure. I am not a "different" kind of Christian, because just as God told Abram to "go", that line is for all of us if you confess to know God at all. God has the right to interrupt your life at any time with a "go" and He expects that you will do it. Frankly you would be foolish not to.

The blessings of God come when we obey what He tells us to do. I would never have the gorgeous field in the above video if I did not listen to the "buy the field" even when I had no clue why I needed one. I for one am more afraid to saying "no" to God than looking stupid to others.

This is kind of how we bought this house we are living in. We had no where to go and had to be out in 2 weeks back then too. We ended up doing 3 moves in 8 weeks but God showed up each time, right on time and with the next steps and we were always fine.

I know we will be fine this time as well, God’s got this.

Guess that you, just like me will have to stay tuned to find out more of the adventure!

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1 Comment

Laurel Spilchen
Laurel Spilchen
Jun 06, 2021

Thanks for sharing, Jane!

I'm assuming you're taking your proliferation balls (or whatever they are called! :D) with you!

Never a dull moment!


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