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The Greatest Conspiracy of All

My head is swirling, has been swirling for almost 24 hours.

I was with some folks, and they challenged me on a couple of things that are considered controversial or even down the magic rabbit hole of conspiracy.

I was convinced that I know what I know and how upset was I when one line they said made me stop and go “oh” ….. and critical thinking took over.

We have lost a lot of critical thinking, because we expect the media to provide us with the answers. With one or two clicks we can find the information and think that we have our “answer”. Before the age of the internet, we used to have to look for and study for our answers, learning as we went. Now the studying is done for us and the answer spits out and we believe it. It has limited our capacity to think and know.

Whatever is happening in the “natural” world, a parallel is happening in the spiritual. The two are interconnected, always have been, always will be. What I wondered, are the spiritual conspiracies?

At 4:00am I figured, why do I not simply ask God about this, because I can.

First, He told me to stop. Stop looking into the world’s conspiracy’s – He knows what is truth and what are lies and I do not have to actually know them. That made so much sense because seriously what am I going to do about them anyways?

Second, He told me that the conspiracy’s in the world have increased and the opposition to them has risen in the same proportion as the hate for Christians, and Jews but it actually is the hate for God Himself. People hear more and more about “conspiracy” and they come to a point where the whole Bible and God could easily be put into a “conspiracy” box and discounted.

He said to write about the biggest cover up of all, the thing that has been covered up more than anything in history of mankind, since the garden of Eden: it is who God says we are, you and me. What our purpose is, what our value is and who you are to God.

Basically, your identity. This has been robbed from us and if it can be discredited, as satan did with Eve in the garden, “did God really say….?” if we believe the lies of the world, instead of the truth of God, we will lose our true identity and our place in the earth.

We each have a unique identity just like we each have different fingerprints and tongue prints that are only our own. We share human traits, our bodily systems work the same, we have red blood flowing through our veins, yet we have an identity only our own. God has said that He made us in His image.

What the heck does that mean? It means that God made things after their own kind.

Kangaroos birth kangaroos.

Elephants birth elephants.

Birds give birth to birds.

Turtles give birth to turtles.

Humans give birth to humans who are made in God’s own image. “Let us make man in “our” image” Genesis 1:26

God created the whole earth, the animals, the plants and then to top off His creation, He made man: Adam and then He created woman Eve.

God spoke to the first created humans He fashioned in His own image and told them some things, things that the slimy old serpent, the devil tried to make Adam and Eve forget right at the beginning. Who they were.

Adam and Eve were given dominion of the world, that means we humans are in charge of the earth.

“And God blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:28

Psalm 115:16 “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; But the earth He has given to the children of men.” (us)

Adam was given the job of naming the animals. Why? Because he was given the job to oversee the earth, he had dominion. He was royalty of the earth. (See 1 Peter 2:9)  We are Kings and Queens – “See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:10

You are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High King and you have God’s authority and blessing to be here and subdue the earth. By this I mean the natural and the spiritual realms.

I think we have not learned the truth about the word “dominion”. It is a word we do not use a lot and when it is used, it is often negative in connotation. If I have dominance over someone, we tend to think we have “power and force” over something. But dominion is not what you do, it is who you are (Emma Stark quote). We walk into a place with dominion already attached and it can be used negatively or it can be used to bring freedom and healing. God is all about freedom and the gifts He gives us are to be used as He would use them. We do not lord our authority over others, we use our authority to fight oppression and wickedness. We do it God’s way.

It is by His dominion that Jesus commanded the wind and the waves to calm down. He brought His dominion to the earth when He came. Are you understanding that you have a force, given to you by God, already intact, called dominion and it is who you are, not what you do. When you walk into a room with dominion, you walk differently than without it. We need to remember who we are and walk accordingly.

Jesus said that He had to “go away” and after Him would come the Holy Spirit, or Counsellor who would indwell us and give us power to do “greater things that Jesus did”.  John 14:15-21

How can we do greater things that Jesus did? With the power of the Holy Spirit of God, this is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, who does miracles, who heals. We are not to walk around begging and whining God to do something, He has given us the ability with the Holy Spirit to make changes on the earth with God’s blessing and His authority. We “ARE” God’s hands and feet, with dominion over the earth. Are you using it? Do you remember who and whose you are?

It really it quite irrelevant who you think you are or what others think of you, what is most important is what God thinks about you. You are one of His kids, He thinks a great deal about you.


Our true identity is made up of who are on earth and how we are known in Heaven. 

You cannot become a new person by changing your behaviour. You discover the person you already are in Christ and behave accordingly.

If you do not know who you are with God, you will be intimidated by somebody else's language. When you know who you are in God, your identity and your language becomes the most intimidating thing about you.  (GameChangers, Graham Cooke)

Did you get that? By changing our behaviour you will not become a new person. Have we not all tried? Think of all the diet plans, exercise plans, the "I won't do that again" plans and then we go out and do it again. It hasn't worked. When we know who we "are", who God created us to be, we will walk and talk differently and that changes everything! We walk into our future. There are lots of Bible stories I could share on this, but you look them up. David the shepherd boy becomes King, Noah built an ark, Joseph the hated becomes ruler, Moses the scared becomes leader of a nation. They walked into their future. The coolest thing about this - it is never too early or late to start walking into who God says you are. No age limit.


Living as a follower of Jesus, acknowledging that Jesus paid for your sins (your rebellion from God) on the cross and asking for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit then the following applies to you, it is who you are:

A child of God                      Filled with the Holy Spirit (God)                Never Alone

Adopted by God                  More than a Conqueror                             Forgiven

Powerful                               Redeemed                                                    Chosen

Transformed                        Empowered                                                  Called

Healed                                  Free                                                               A new Creation

An Ambassador for God    God’s Temple                                              Born Again

A Citizen of heaven             Equipped                                                       Treasured

Free from condemnation   Rescued                                                        Saved

Liberator                               Dominator                                                    Salt and Light

Heirs of God                         Coheir with Jesus                                        A Saint

God’s workmanship            A Friend of Jesus


The Bible also says you have authority. Jesus broken body and blood paid for you to have authority. This means that you have dominion and authority. Do you know who does not have authority because Jesus did not give it to them? Satan and the demons. They have some power but they have no authority. As evil ramps up all over the earth, we need to remember who we are and the gifts that God has given us: A Birthright, Dominion and Authority.

As walking, talking, living, breathing Holy Spirit filled people, we must stand a little taller, walk like we belong, and talk with the power and favour of God. When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you say, “Hey good looking are you ready to partner with God today?”  Chances are most of us look in the mirror and see flaws. God sees you as all of the above, a finished prized treasure, His finished prized treasure.

It will take more than simply believing that God sees you like this, you will need to change a couple things:

1)     Your perception of yourself will have to change to the way God sees you

2)     Your thinking has to change – you must stop believing you are not good enough

3)     Your language that you say about yourself must change to align with God’s words about you (GameChangers, Graham Cooke)

 I always thought that God would come and “fix” everything, if we called hard enough, if we prayed long enough, always something “enough”.  What a shock it came to find out that God had already given us the tools and trusted us to use them to make a difference on the earth, in my family and in my community. Are we?


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Feb 08

Wow !! There is a lot to think about

I am going to read this Blog over a couple times 😊 I love the conspiracy

Theorizes and Gods truth about it ❤️

Thank you my friend


Feb 07

Well said Jane, the “conspiracy” is to believe any thing short of who we are in Christ - the home of the living God . Whom wants to live out thru us & not where we act out of our own presumtiveness but hearing from the Father & acting as Jesus did.

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