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The First Week

We have officially moved out to the property. It has not been a smooth transition.

We have had numerous things go wonky and there are times where we have serious talks with God about this whole "buy and live on the field" thing.

The night we were moving out with our trailer I got a rock that hit my windshield with excessive force. While it created a crater on the windshield and a few glass pieces on the dash I did not get hurt and was very thankful.

The next morning when we got up and were freezing to the point where I wore a hat and coat, reality was setting in. Then when I opened the door and saw a white tailed deer run down the driveway, I was in awe until I looked right and saw a good sized black bear 50 yards from the trailer. We had to offer the bear some "encouragement" to keep on keeping on but it did little to calm my nerves.

We ran into GP to grab a generator from a Kijiji ad and had tested it before we bought it. We also bought large propane tanks and figured with both of these we would have enough to get the heat going in the mornings.

On our way back to the trailer Brian's truck windshield was hit with a rock that sufficiently covered both Brian and I with glass and the interior of his truck. Stupefied at the fact this was the 2nd occurrence in 2 days we had to search to find any place with a working vacuum. Ours of course was in storage back in GP. Richard, the owner of the tire shop in Hythe let us use his shop vacuum and we were so grateful. There was also a bathroom where I could go and shake the glass out of my shirt. It would be several hours before I could shower and wash the glass out of my hair.

We made it to the trailer and set up the generator only to find it quit after a couple minutes of use. We started it over and over and it refused to keep going. It had run when we had tried it before we bought it. We then attempted to attach the large propane bottles to the trailer and found the adapters were not the correct ones.

I ran into Dawson Creek and got another spark plug for the generator - at first it did not appear to help but we prayed over the thing and true story - it started to work. Most grateful!!! It is still working.

Today, Tuesday, we do have heat, we have adapters for the propane, we have electricity in the form of a generator. We still will need 2 new windshields but that will be another day.

I have had many conversations with God about this move. I have had well meaning people say "well you moved out there." No we obediently went out because both of us knew that was what God was asking.

The other thing God has mentioned is that He is not as concerned over my "comfort" as my character. He has a purpose and a reason for this move. He has guided and directed it in miraculous ways and we are to listen and obey. The whole Bible is written in this form, it is nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary once you have read the Bible a few times. Jesus Himself was homeless during His ministry. I have a lovely trailer to lay my head. It is easy? Nope. Is it what I expected? Nope.

Would I have done it a different way? Nope. This is the way God directed, we listened and will keep you posted along the way.

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1 Comment

Jun 17, 2021

Love you my friend :)

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