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The Decorations of Fall

Oh the decorations of fall! My favorite time of year, the mix of green, yellows and golds, with a few reds thrown in. Right now it it dry and the leaves are crispy and noisy lining the ground. I would be labelled a kid at heart because I love to walk in the crunchy leaves and often do!

I was on our "trail" and taking in the beauty of nature, the leaves were illuminating the path before me. It was breathtakingly brilliant. It made it so easy to see the way to go.

As I travelled, I noticed "paths" digressing off of the trail. Hardly noticeable unless you look for them but I realized an analogy was happening.

These off-shoot paths were game trails. Upon inspection you can see that they are also well used. Vegetation has been trampled down and definite lines have been made deep into the woods. I checked the entrance and you can see animal prints in the dirt. I found some deer and moose prints.

I pondered the 2 different types of paths. Both highly used, 1 more visible than the other.

The one I was on was wide, open, and easier to travel. The other was marked but it wandered through the trees. You would need to work harder to stay on it. Branches, leaves, roots and unlevel ground would dot the landscape.

The Word of God says that the Word of God is a lamp unto my feet. (Psalm 119:105)

I felt that this described the path I was on: clear, distinct, easier to traverse.

Yet how often do I find myself off track? Headed for the bush, looking for the game trail. I can justify it because others obviously have taken this path before me, I will just have a peek to see where it goes. It is not as easy, not as clearly marked, kind of exciting in an exhilarating way, I definitely cannot see very far ahead and at times I loose sight of the path altogether. All of the sudden I'm lost, wandering the forest without a map, light or any idea which way to turn. The path seems to end or it branches into 4 different options... which way to go?

I have felt that way many times in my life when I feel abandoned, lost or it is all too hard. It's taunting emotions that threaten to up-end my faith, my confidence in God and His goodness. I blame Him, how could He let me end up out here? All because "I" , me, chose to take a step off the well marked trail that He kindly gave me. God has a very clearly marked trail and outlined it all in His book, the life map book, called the Bible. I was the one who wanted to explore over here, I purposely walked off the trail. Any blame belongs to me.

But now that I find myself in a pickle, I cry out to God to "fix it!" almost mad at Him for my choice and like a spoiled child, demanding His help for my choices. Not sure if I've humbled myself to acknowledge my poor choice and obstenence to wanting to go my own way or I am simply scared and frightened. But I have no idea how to get back to the main trail.

This picture stopped me in my tracks, it is available in a few places, this particular picture is on Amazon, called the Good Shepherd.

God is always waiting, always watching, ready for our hearts to call out to Him. He loves it when we cry out to Him in our wilderness.

I liken it to loosing a child in a store, they move off but you can still see them. You watch as the terror looms on their face when they don't recognize familiar legs, or faces. Their face starts to scrunch up and tears well and in fear, they start to yell : "mom!"

You smile and call out "hun I'm over here" and then as fast as their formerly wandering legs can carry them- they rush over to you.

God always knows where we are. What ugly trench or hole we have crawled into or what wild game path we have ventured out on. He knows. He gently calls out our name and our formerly wandering legs come a running and sometimes He comes running to us.

We have to call out in desperatation to the One who knows exactly how to bring us home and He will. Why do we have to be desperate to call out? What is it in us that refuses to call out unless we are in trouble? Pride, selfishness, control?

They say God is a God of second chances but in my case, that number is much, much higher. I would actually say He is the God of innumerable chances. I call, and He comes a running! Each and every time. He left the 99 to resuce the 1 who was calling out, I believe not just once, but everytime that little lamb or any of His lambs wander off and end up calling. He is truly a good, good God.

"I will never leave you or forsake you."

Deuteronomy 31:6

Genesis 28:15, Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:5, 1:9, Psalm 73:23-24, Isaiah 41:10-13, Matthew 28:20, Hebrews 13:5,

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