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Shallow Waters Part 2

I had no idea there was a part 2. If you did not read last weeks blog please stop and go back and read it before continuing. It is a blog that I take no credit for. It was downloaded to me in various and peculiar ways. Basically it flowed off my fingers and I believe it is vital to each and everyone of us.

Link to website to find last weeks blog:

We all, each and every one of us, have improvements to make in our emotional maturity. Each and every person has been through things that have "stayed" with us, that trigger us, that prevent us from being the very best we can be for ourselves and to the others around us. We owe it to Jesus to be the very best we can be.

It is an act of selfishness to not try to be the best we can be. If we decide we are "fine" the way we are and posture ourselves to not work through our "things" that keep us tied to the beach (see part 1 from last week) or that keep other people away from us, then perhaps our emotional maturity has some work to be done.

If your family or the people close around you, seem to walk carefully to "not make you mad" or "scared" or “embarrassed “ or whatever it is that causes you to "blow" - your emotional maturity probably has some work to be done.

Sometimes it is a case where you "freeze" and feel trapped or paralyzed because of another's actions, that is emotional maturity that needs addressed.

I watched this week in a group setting, a man who felt he got “singled” out in a line up. It must have embarrassed him, not that anyone tried, it was his perception but he clamed up and immediately left the building instead of joining the group he was in. It was a very awkward moment and his reaction seemed extreme in light of what happened. Probably not to him, but you see, it was an emotional reaction from the past something he has not dealt with yet.

No one talks about emotional maturity. We may talk about mental health, our "head space" but that is not emotional maturity. Emotional maturity is the age of our emotional response in reaction to life around us.

God has called you "up" to the next level to emotional maturity, just as He does in Christian maturity. God never leaves us where He found us, He is in the healing business, part of that is emotional healing.

This week I again take no credit for this blog. I had someone write to me about last weeks blog. They thanked me for putting into words their last years journey. It was put so beautifully that I asked for permission to share it:

"I am blessed. I called on God when my son was in trouble and I listened to Him. I  was looking for people who could talk to him. God had His plan already in motion. I had to walk out in the deeper waters to help. Me. No one else.
You are right! Jesus does go before us. He invites us to take the challenge to help someone else. It starts with forgiveness - it’s love. You swim in waters you’ve never been before. It’s hard and it’s scary but you keep your eyes focused on Him and you do what He does. You apply all the things you know that Jesus would do. You pray love into those people. You are in the deep waters  because you have been in their place of hardship and been just as lost. Someone entered the deep waters for you, someone battled and swam for you so you could be free.  
You pray, you war, you learn by doing what you see God doing. You surrender the battle to Him. You have your battle it’s just not yours to win. But you win too. You find Gods mercy, Gods grace, Gods perfect love for any situation you are in. It helped that I loved this person very much. You find Jesus in a whole new way yourself!  You find freedom for you and the one you helped. Gods way is much better He grows you both! You are the armour bearer.
You do what the Father does because the battle is His but you get the benefit of the victory because it was already won for us. That’s what I learned. I gained a much stronger relationship with my Father and the deep waters were not so scary anymore cause once your in - there’s no going back. You don’t want to!  
You learn to fight!  Thank you for writing this in a way that I can explain what happened to me when I had to enter the deep waters. It became the start of a very good chapter in my walk with Jesus. I have a deeper relationship with the Trinity and a purpose that is pleasing to them." written by a blog reader.

I am grateful for these words from someone who did not know the how’s of deep waters- the battle was real. Their battle was not easy, it ended sadly, it was a bittersweet ending but they learned so much on the journey. It was a labour of love, Gods love pouring through both to the helper and the helpless.

While last weeks blog was being downloaded to me I also came across a reading, it was from The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cain, day 314 and I feel it fits perfectly for Deep Waters.

“In the world most things appear more impressive and attractive on the outside and on the surface rather than on the inside. The reality is less than the appearance. But with God and the ways righteousness it's the opposite. On the outside and on the surface it tends to look hard. But the deeper you go, the more beautiful it becomes. The deeper you go, the more treasures you find. So too the deeper you go into prayer and worship, the more awesome it becomes. The deeper you go into His presence, the more glorious it becomes. And the deeper you go into the love of God, the more golden it becomes. Therefore, go deeper ... and deeper... and deeper still. Go ever deeper... beyond the surface, beyond the appearance, and beyond the outer appearance... to the treasures and the glory that await only those, who go." Step into the deep waters for yourself and those around you, something amazing is going to happen!

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