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Reno's: He says, She says...

I have a knew appreciation of reno’s.

We are undertaking a massive reno right now at our house and I would like to say it is only in the kitchen, but it seems to have spread, much like a virus to other areas of the house.

I am not sure that I am appreciating the renos at this point, maybe the novelty has worn off or the fact that most of the rooms of my house have some kind of unfinished project in them.

This does not leave me feeling stress free.

For me, the more mess, the more I struggle mentally. The more mess, the more my brain wishes to explode, my thoughts seem to get jumbled and the whole sense of upheaval seems hard to handle.

If anyone asks me about what colors, flooring or whatever we have chosen, it makes me want to scream because we are soooooo not at that point and it is overwhelming that the whole house interior will be in need of paint.

This reno was going to be very efficient, we had a professional designer come up with the plan, we finalized the new cupboards with her, the paint color, and were all set to put in our order. It was going to be so simple…

Then the worldwide lock down happened, literally all that same week. We put the project on hold immediately and thought we would wait it out.

Perhaps we should have…..but Brian does not like to be not busy.

Now I have to insert here, that we did pray about the renos and if we should do them. God told me to use the gifts that He has given us and to proceed cautiously with the finances.

My hubby is very talented, he is the construction guy and I am the finisher, we love to do woodwork projects together. We have done renovations for other people, we actually did it for a living a few years ago, so it is not that we do not know how, it was do we want to?

Well, Brian did, and he tackled the project with gusto and full steam ahead.

The problem is that he tackled the renos with his male “blue” brain to which my female “pink” brain keeps going, why did you do it that way?

To him his methods seem so clear. To me, his methods seem so vague. I can tell it has been a few years since we worked together at renos, we are not in the same groove or maybe even speaking the same language at the moment.

Because he is a go getter and really a believer in the 'go big or go home' way of doing things, here we sit with almost all the rooms in the house not really useable. This does not bother him in the slightest.

For me: well it’s not quite that way.

I have had to do a lot of praying, trying to find quiet spots and even though we are supposed to be isolating, Tim Hortons drive through looks really good as an outing for me these days. Just saying: I am racking up a whole lot of roll up the rim entries to their big draws coming up!

I am not sure when Home Depot will call us in and report us to the government for our daily run for supplies. I have not yet explained to those kind folks that it truly is an essential service (to my mental health and our marriage never mind the house) that we do really NEED the plethora of things that we have to keep buying there. God Bless Them!

Tonight I am supposed to get a ceiling put back in my kitchen which would allow us to put the insulation back in (it is -24 at night and brrrr in the kitchen), and perhaps take down the plastic "tent" - I call it the Quarantine Tent. We have kept the fireplace burning continuously blowing warm air into the kitchen. I am also in need of a stove, we are in week 2 since Brian accidently put his knee through the glass top - total oops! We might eventually put back some of the cupboards back in which are sitting in my living room. Then we have to think about flooring and paint colors, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I was on Pinterest today looking and studying paint colors and my stomach would sink and I would just feel sick each time I would come across something like: Here’s the Reveal to Our 6 Month Kitchen Make Over….. OR Last Year at This Time We Started Our Renos…..

Reno's are much like the way God works: sometimes it looks so messy before the greatness comes! It's coming my friends both in our world and in our reno's!

Count on it!

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