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Quite the Week!

I had to check the calendar for certainty, but I was fairly sure that the full moon was last week; it was. August 22 was the full moon.

What exactly happens to people in the “full moon phase”, I do not know, but from working switchboard at the Health Unit and Human Resources I could fairly peg when the full moon was happening because of the “strange” phone calls that would come in. The birth rates went up and the number of deaths went up. No, I am not lying, this is indeed what happened, and it has been documented way before I noticed it.

(Link to article on how full moon affects you:

Last week was no exception to the strange and weird world in a full moon, at least in my orbit.

For instance:

Brian needed to call CRA, and he had just taken a bite of toast and peanut butter during the “wait” time and of course they answered. You cannot swish around peanut butter quickly so I answered and said, “my husband is trying to contact you to get into his CRA account, but he has a mouthful at the moment, he will be right here.”

She was not impressed. You know you can wait on hold for half an hour to over an hour to get hold of them but the seconds it took for him to swish and swallow seemed hard for her.


I do Brian’s taxes, so I am fairly familiar with his finances never mind the fact that I am his wife. Brian talked to her for a bit and then she asked if she could put him on hold. When she came back, I am not sure what she had sat on or what had dropped over her other than the full moon, but this was now a hostile woman. Basically, she said that because Brian had allowed me to be on the phone call (she had asked him if he verbally consented to having me there, he had already said yes), but because he was willing to share his info, his password with me (we still did not have one) that she was blocking his account. She said that it was like “identity theft” allowing me to know his information.

Okay, now I am starting to get a little riled up… “Identity theft?”

I replied, “his account was blocked six months ago that is why he is calling.”

Probably I did us no favours, but I could not help it, I also added, “I do his taxes, there is not much I do not know.”

Anyways, she went into a full-on rant and it resulted with us cutting the call short and Brian still not able to access his CRA account. Good Grief… identity theft?!

I headed into Gr. Prairie to have lunch with a friend, I gave her the full-on account of the CRA. During our lunch she got a call from her mother, she said she would answer it after lunch, but then her sister also called.

Turns out that her mother had just received a call from a person who was crying claiming to be my friend saying that she had just been in a horrible accident, and they were charging her. She said she had only had one drink…. That was the tip for my friend’s mom and she hung up shaken at this point.

Now this dear mom then called my friend to ensure it had not been her on the phone crying but of course that was when she chose not to answer the call.

She called her mom back immediately and assured her she was fine, and it was not her who had made that call.

I was horrified that someone thinks that making calls like that to scam people out of money is even a “thing”.

My friend’s mom was shaking and took hours to calm down. I thought of my own mother who had once received a real call like that telling us that our relatives had all died in an accident. A call like this one would have sent her over the edge as it would have been like a trigger.

I mentioned this disgusting call to a couple other friends and they too had heard of people getting these inhumane scam phone calls. I guess it is a “thing” so please be warned and warn your loved ones.

Later that same day I was in a traffic line up at a red light. There were 5 of us in the line and my car was number 3, in the middle. All of the sudden this truck wedges itself between me and the car in front of me, I have no idea how he did not hit my vehicle. As I stared incredulously trying to figure that out, he is leaning out the window screaming, I mean really screaming obscenities at me because I did not back up to let him out of the parking lot he was in. I was in the middle of a stream of cars and he was not there when I arrived. I was stunned and the whole block turned to look at who was screaming. It was really out there behaviour and if I had to guess, he was probably high on something. The whole incident left me rattled as it was really a strange encounter.

These all happened on the same day, I knew the full moon had to be that week and indeed it was!

The very next day we went into Dawson Creek, a small town, to the laundromat. Upon arrival we found that the gas station and the road next to the laundromat was roped off with police tape. At the intersection was a fully armed police officer. It seemed odd and even more shocking when looking down the blocked off street we saw a troop of fully dressed and armed swat team members. I have never seen an actual swat team, it was kind of exciting. (sad I know…) On the other side of the street was a news camera and reporter, there was an ambulance and fire truck waiting in the wings. Turns out there was a stand off in the house next to the gas station between a woman and the police. There police were heard to say, “we want your children to have a mom,” so I have no idea if children were involved in the house. Upon hearing that my heart sank and my excitement burst and I wanted to cry for those children and that mom. I sure prayed and got others to pray! The woman finally surrendered after 14 hours. Dawson Creek does not have a swat team so again this was unusual activity here, the team was out of Prince George.

There are times when the world just seems so bizarre that we want to shout “let me off! Beam me up to heaven God!”

This is not even mentioning Afghanistan – leaving equipment and people behind? Really??

Throw in the Covid stuff… and the hate and discord on both sides and after a while it all gets to feel a little too much.

Then I read this, and it affected me deeply and caused me to have a much different perspective going forward:

You’ll never again be able to live by faith. In heaven you’ll see what you believed in. But you’ll never again be able to stand in faith or choose to believe God. Earth, not heaven, is the place of faith. And in heaven you’ll never again be able to choose to stand with God in the face of opposition. That too can only be done on earth. In heaven you’ll never again be able to repent, or to bless God by turning down sin. In heaven you’ll never again have the chance to share salvation with the unsaved, or to bring a life out of darkness and into the light. They all know Him there. In heaven you’ll never again be able to help someone in need or to bless God by doing so. Heaven has no needs. In heaven you’ll never again have the honor of standing with God when it costs you to do so. Or to share in His reproach. In heaven you’ll never again be able to sacrifice to God. There’s no loss there. And in heaven you’ll never again be able to overcome or become victorious. There’s nothing to overcome. The place for victory is here. The place for all these things is not then, but now. You see, earth is a most awesome place. And every moment you have here is a most precious gift, one you will never have again, even in the eternity of heaven.”

The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn: Heavenly Nostalgia, Day 330

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