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Push Pause

Like all of you I feel like we have pushed “pause” and are “on hold” until such time as life resumes back to normal. We have sat and waited for life to go back to the way it was pre Covid.

I hate to say it, but I think “normal” might not come so what do we do in the interim? How do we make “pause” into normal?

When we are on the phone, we get that lovely elevator music to psych us out into thinking “on hold” is normal, yet we know it is not. I hate that music and I hate being “on hold”, and yes “hate” is a strong word so why would I ever want to acknowledge that “pause/on hold” is ever normal?

I have been mulling this around and around in my mind, how do we progress from “on hold” back to normal and all the while being still “on hold”? The only thing I have figured out is it is going to take a very large mind shift.

You see my “normal” was never normal, it was simply what I was used to.

Your “normal” was never normal, it was simply what you were used to.

We, you and I, must get used to a new normal. Unfortunately, it could mean smaller circles of people, wearing masks or face shields, and keeping ourselves separated by a distance of 6 feet.

I know, I know, what the heck is normal about any of that? Not a darn thing, but it could be.

Normal becomes normal when we do it over and over and then repeat. Normal is a setting on your clothes dryer, it is never a lifestyle.

One of the dearest people in my world had a heart attack a couple weeks ago, their normal is changed. Life will never go back to the way it was, it can’t.

One of my other friends had a relationship sever, their normal is changed. Life will never go back to the way it was, it can’t.

Another friend has a job loss, their normal is changed. Life will never go back to the way it was, it can’t.

My point is thus, Covid can try to change our normal, but so what? Much of life does that anyways.

Our life from birth on is a series of changes, a series of trials, of triumphs to help mold and shape us into the people we are going to be. They say the shaping is either going to make you sweeter or make you sour.

We get to choose how we respond. This is the one fact, the one common denominator that never changes and is the only thing we can control – us and our attitude.

So what is yours going to be?

Brian has been playing a song over and over: “What if Jesus Came Back Like That?” by Colin Raye. (link below)

It says what if Jesus came back as a baby hooked on crack -it was not the babies fault it was born with an addiction. What would our response be? Would we love it and take it in? We can love while on pause.

What if Jesus came back as a homeless person, would we offer love or be afraid and stay away? We can offer hope while on pause.

Life is not a set of rules but I think to many of us it is.

1) Born

2) School

3) College/University

4) Work

5) Marry

6) Children

7) Retire

8) Die

Life is not a set of steps, a set of rules to be attained. It is a process, and it is what we learn along this process that is so valuable. If we are taught to be teachable, to take in each day knowing it is one more step in a process, we are ready to invest in life and ready to engage in the process. Life will become an adventure to be lived instead of staying on “pause” and waiting…

When you are full inside of life, you do not have to look around at what is out there or what is lacking, you are ready to give, to live and help others do the same.

Things like Covid will simply cause us to think outside our box to be able to actively participate in the world.

Did you know homeless people do not have masks? Truly they have not much of anything. Did you know I can offer a meal or blanket or a Care Package* (see list below) to a homeless person who has no mask, even if I am wearing mine or not? Have some items in the car to hand out to those in need. Walk the street and find those who are sitting outside at all hours. I can show love to people even in Covid.

I have a friend who is crocheting sleeping matts for the homeless out of garbage bags. They are waterproof and lightweight. It takes approximately 700 bags to make a matt. She is engaging in echo friendly recycling while helping others and from her own living room.

Did you know I can offer to visit older people as long as the care homes are open and I am wearing a mask, to help alleviate the intense loneliness they are facing? I can set up zoom calls with the recreation departments in homes to older people that I do not even know just to check in and say “hi” when they have had no visitors for months. The mental health of our seniors is rapidly deteriorating. I can show love to our seniors even in Covid. My family could adopt a senior at a care home and make cards, send letters and pictures, drop off gifts, make them feel special.

We are such a creative people all over this world, and creative people figure out how to live in a new normal. We do not have to sit in our homes watching tv, Netflix or any flix. We can find ways to reach out to the world even while locked down and on pause.

Live it, do it and repeat and what do you have?

Totally a new normal.

* Click below for the List of what to place in Care Package for those in Need:

List for Care Bag for those in Need
Download PDF • 348KB

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Nov 05, 2020

Another great blog my friend ❤️

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