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Pigs in the Parlour

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Look at this guy! His nose enters the building long before he does. This is a bearded pig. Really an unpleasant looking fellow. I do not think we want to have one of those running around in our living rooms or in our houses anywhere.

I think to myself that he certainly has a nose large enough to stick into others peoples business. It is not his fault, he was created this way, but he certainly evokes a number of responses when people see him.

It reminds me of a book entitled: “Pigs in the Parlour” – a really informative book on the workings of the demonic. Just like you would not want this guy in your “parlour” you do not want to entertain “demonic spirits” in your parlour (living room) either.

Unfortunately, many of us do very unaware.

We are spiritual beings who have a temporary building of flesh and bones, our body. When we die, our spirit will go to be with our Creator while our body returns to the ground. Sobering thoughts for an early Wednesday morning.

In the Bible it talks a lot about spiritual beings, these would be other spiritual beings besides humans. Angels are one of them. Angels are defined as messengers from God, spiritual beings who work and take orders from God. We like to think about angels, we share stories of sightings and possible interactions.

There is also mention of seraphim, cherubim, and even archangels.

The Bible says that satan, the devil is a spiritual being, he in fact was a great and beautiful angel that God created to be His main angel. His downfall was that he wanted to take over God’s job and attempted to do so. God was not having any part of that and kicked him out of heaven and where do you go if you get kicked out of heaven?

Well, it seems, to the earth below and he roams around down here and he took a large number of other spiritual beings with him…. other angels, known as the fallen angels. The Bibles says 1/3 of the angels went with him.

It was a war my friends, and it happened before the creation of the world, long before you and me. The good side, the bad side, an attempt to overthrow, the defeat and the end. This same pattern happens down here on physical earth doesn’t it? Someone wants to take over and attempts to and the war ensues, so many wars through the years. So many lives lost for senseless want of power and control. The heavenly war has actually never ended……

You see the final end of that particular war has not happened yet, I think we might be getting close but it has not yet happened, God says there is a day when He will get rid of satan once and for all. For now, in this season we live in, satan and his angel friends, who we now call demons – spiritual beings roam the earth.

What do they do when they roam the earth? God tells us that they wage war on God’s children since they cannot get to God. Who are God’s children? Us. You and me, human beings. If he cannot get to God, he will take it out on those whom God loves: people. He especially hates Christians and those followers of Jesus he really cannot stand. If satan can make you doubt God's love and care for you, or even His existence, he has won and he will do his best to try to convince you.

The war rages on. Satan and the demons like to stick their noses into other peoples business, much like our little friend up at the top. Their job description is listed in the Bible as “maim, kill and destroy.” The demons play for keeps, they do not fool around, never have, there will be casualties!

Where are they? These demons? All around us. HOLD ON….. do not get all scared and afraid just because you read that line. The fact of the matter is they have been all around us since the day you were born, angels have been around you since the day you were born, nothing has changed, except that you just read that they are real.

Picture that pig above and you have a great visual. Do demons look like that pig? I do not know, but I can tell you I would not want that thing or any demons loose in my house so I want to ensure they do not come in! I do not want pigs in my parlour!

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