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Our Weapons For War

Writing the blog this week has been excruciating. This is attempt #3.

It is Easter this weekend and as much as the churches, temples, Jerusalem will all be empty, void of the congregations, the masses, the message of Easter will be shouted louder this year than ever before.

How might that even be possible?

You see the world asks the same question about underground churches. How can they grow at such an enormous rate when it is illegal to be together? HOPE

People devoid of HOPE – will rise up at ALL costs and find it.

This year, isolated, frightened and alone – the human heart only wants one thing. HOPE.

If you are at home waiting and wondering if or when it might be your turn or your loved ones turn to have this unseen lurking evil (covid 19) decide to knock on your door; I have some great news – there is HOPE.

You see evil from the beginning of time, call it whatever you want, COVID, Corona, ghosts, satan all the things that go bump in the night – they lurk. They stay in the shadows, hidden, obscure, it calls you, trying to draw you outside of your security and into it because it cannot face the light.

God on the other hand has always been LOOMING. He has never tried to hide who He is, what He does, He brings the light, the truth and the answer with Him. Always!

Consider these things when God was trying to get peoples attention:

Noah’s Ark – not really a hidden item there, it was pretty massive: 510’ long or 1 and ½ football fields

Moses Burning Bush – not really hidden

Jonah and the Whale – whales are not really a small fish, kind of hard to miss

Crazy guy Legion and the Pigs – Jesus commands the evil spirits in Legion to depart into a herd of 2,000 pigs and they do (not just one pig but 2,000)

Jesus feeds the 5,000 men – with a bit of bread and 2 fish, (please note the women and children also ate so probably the number is more like 15,000 – just saying)

The other thing I hope you noticed about these events are they seem a bit peculiar, odd, nothing in the ordinary there. You see that is because that is totally God! He never tries to hide who He is and trust me the last thing He is, is ordinary!

I was given a message a year ago that I was to pass on. I tried to write about it briefly, but to be honest I did not want to share it, because it was a little “off”, peculiar and awkward to talk about.

God let me know in no uncertain terms that I was to share this info IMMEDIATELY with people. So, I wrote about it in my Book: Lessons I Learned in the Promised Land and published it. Well apparently, that is not enough, I am being asked to share the following info with you now. IMMEDIATELY.

I was privileged to have gone to heaven, there I said it. You can stop reading and dismiss the rest OR you can read on and hear the most important message I have ever written with the most important message for you that you need to know for right now.

This is not just my message, I have heard this same message from others while I was in Israel and again in this past month. When God wants something known, He tells not just one person but many. God wants the following known:

Our Sound: Singing, Praise and Prayer is a Weapon and we need to know how to use it for this season of fear, and for the season to come, and for the HOPE that is promised by God. We are at war with an unseen enemy.

I have watched a few videos this week of people in their cars surrounding various hospitals in the USA , they all turn on their flashers and then they sing the same song and they cry out to God in prayer for the over whelmed staff, and the sick patients – this my friends is fighting! This is using the weapons we have been given! This is how we fight!

You can do it at home alone, with your family or in a hospital parking lot, but do it!

SOUND: Sound was a theme God and I had in Israel, I was shown that everything we do on earth has vast importance in heaven, including sound. I was given a vision of what heaven hears and I saw the spiritual weapons that music creates.

Our words are “life” they have meaning, to us they may seem not important, but to God they are everything. It is with our words that we share that we believe in God (our testimony) and with our life that we live it out. Our Praise and Prayer is a powerful weapon in heaven.

Words are communication, Sound is connection. Sound connects heaven to earth.

Sound is a commodity in heaven, a very real thing that produces results. Music can heal, it invades your soul, it can break down walls and strongholds, it can launch a spiritual attack on the unseen evil lurking in the dark. Music is an important key in God’s kingdom.

God is continuously listening, searching for the right “cry”, the right “sound” that causes Him to turn His head, tilt it and listen. When He hears that sound, a smile spreads over His face, the sound delights Him; He then focuses His attention on it. God showed me that the heavens wait and listen for God’s people to cry out and/or sing out to Him and to create their own powerful “sound”. We each have a song to sing and when we have no hope and are needing to “fight” then SING.

As an example of what music and praise can do, consider the song: “Raise a Hallelujah” by Jonathan and Mellisa Helser. In the middle of that song, Jonathan says, “Just begin to raise your own Hallelujah, I can’t do it for you. There’s a song written on your heart that only you can sing. And when you sing enemies flee, when you sing prison walls come falling down, when you sing, heaven invades the earth”.

I could not have said it any better myself because truly, that my friends is the “sound” of heaven joining earth and the effects of our sound in the heavenly places.

The song, “Raise A Hallelujah” itself is so powerful – please read or listen to the story behind the song and you will know that sound can produce miracles. Two children are alive today because that song was sung over them and heaven heard, and miracles were produced. Sound is a powerful weapon![1]

This coming weekend is Easter. It is the most important day to Believers Worldwide, it is when Jesus Christ rose from the grave, shattering death and the misconception of it. He took the sins of the world upon Him and was crushed and bruised on our behalf, He carried our sins.

Evil thought it has won that day when Jesus died on the cross. It thought it had wiped all the HOPE out of the world, cancelled it forever and that it, evil, could now reign unhindered.

Well he thought wrong! And he is wrong now!

Jesus Christ’s battered body with the scars from the nails and the puncture wound in His side came back to life to prove that there is a God in Heaven, to prove that God cares, to prove that there is life after death, to prove heaven and earth are connected and to prove once and for all that He will never leave or forsake us.

That alone should be enough to cause His children worldwide to sing like they have never sung before. Please join in the earthly choir so that when heaven hears, the angels will come to attention and join us and fight on our behalf.

In light of this I have recommended to my family to set reminders/alarms on their phones or clocks for up to 3-5 times a day during this corona season where we physically remember to take the time to sing and pray calling out to God for His presence in this world. I know without the reminders I will get distracted and forget, but if our lives are depending on it, it is much too important not to.

Will you join us and raise your voice today?

[1] My favorite War Song: War by Charles Jenkins

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1 Comment

Apr 09, 2020

Thank you my friend This was a awesome post I’m

Going to set a timer and start today. Love You ❤️

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