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Meet Mocha

Meet Mocha, a chocolate Labrador retriever that I got for Christmas. (Yes - I wanted a puppy)

Mocha has been with me a week and I can assure you that if you want a puppy perhaps you should come over (only if Covid rules allow it) and see Mocha and me in action. I had one person thank me for the entertainment when they left.

I wanted a puppy and I had done the brain talk about how much puppies take out of you however I am exhausted at the end of each day from running after my Mocha. Puppies are a full-time job. Brian had to look after her one day for a full day and when I called to see how things were going he exclaimed “she is a full time job!”

From moving electrical cords that dangle, to putting shoes away, to running to let her outside to do her business so it does not happen in the house – it has been busy! Christmas got put away fairly early after I turned to see the Christmas tree swaying wildly back and forth and hearing a little whine only to find Mocha tangled up in the electrical cord around her neck and having a fit.

It is a good thing she is cute because there are moments each day where it could go differently. Brian calls her our “land shark”. Picture it, sharks swim quietly around watching you and then they quickly strike. Mocha is similar – she lurks quietly for a moment before she strikes your feet as you are passing by. She, like sharks has razor sharp teeth that can rip your skin apart quickly and efficiently.

It looks like 2021 will be a very different year as my life has radically changed. Mocha is a welcome change to thinking only about covid and isolation even if she is a nonstop ball of energy.

I met a guy a in the parking lot one day. It was minus 17 out and he was in a wheelchair, hand pushing it through ice and cold. I noticed the boot cast on his left foot and stopped and mentioned that that must be very hard to get around with. He smiled and said, “try it with two,” as he brought his other foot forward and showed me his other foot, also in a boot, grinning all the while. This was the end of December and he had been in these boots since September when he broke both his ankles. I asked him if I might pray for his ankles and he energetically said “yes”.

This fellow in this wheelchair was not well off and if I had to guess he was homeless and living in a shelter. He told me that this was the farthest he has made it this far since the boots went on.

After I prayed for him, he broke into such a wide grin and told me that if he had a keyboard he would play me my favorite song, and asked me what it was. I told him that I had many and questioned what was his.

“How Great Thou Art,” he replied.

I smiled back at him and was amazed at his choice. I said, “you know God.”

“Oh yes,” he grinned back. He used to play the piano and hymns and said if I had a keyboard at the Thrift Store he would come play there if I wanted.

I stood there marveling and pondering this man in front of me. He did not have much, very little by worldly standards, was in a wheel chair at minus 17, 2 broken ankles and a smile that drew you in with a joy that could not be faked. This man had contentment and I wondered if more people were like him wouldn’t the world be a better place. I was humbled that I had so much and have such a hard time being content. I envied him.

How do these 2 stories intersect?

Both of them contain circumstances that radically changed the world of the person in it.

Mine is changed because of Mocha. This fellow’s was changed because he had an accident.

My world has changed because of choice. This fellow’s was not his choice.

Both of our worlds mean that we have had to adjust to a new normal, new routines, new challenges and new limits. Hasn't Covid done the same to all of us?

One of us that day had an attitude of gratefulness and a heart that seemed full and I am ashamed to say, it was not mine. How is yours?

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06 gen 2021

Miss Mocha is adorable 🥰

Thank you for another great blog 😀

Mi piace
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