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Lost Treasure and The Pin-Up Wall


Copyrighted: Betty Boop

Note: if you do not have a significant “other” in your world right now, please read until the end of the blog – I promise there is something special in this for you.

We had the opportunity, Brian and I, to go out to go out to visit a couple a few weeks back. They run their home totally off grid because over 40 years ago there were no resources to even hook into. In fact, the first time they saw their land they had to hike in because there was not even a road in place yet, that was in the 80’s.

This beautiful couple just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Today, their stunning setting has been developed and taken care of with the love of 2 very hard-working people. Their log home in the middle of the yard is stunning. They explained that they cut the trees off of their property, then they milled the lumber on their sawmill and got each log ready to be put into the home. They have built 3 homes on the property. The first home burned down by a lightning strike. The second was eventually not big enough for their family, and the third is a work of art!

Everything from the ground up was made and fashioned by them. The design, the lumber, the windows, the decorating, the gardens – because the store was not handy and they even had to fight bears for the produce! They designed everything including the solar system, and the water systems. As she explained how special her husband was, and how God made him brilliant and creative because he was able to design and created all of it, it was evident that the work they did together was done in love.

We got to see a collection of “paw prints” of all kinds of different animal tracks that had been cast into plaster of paris, they had found fossils on the property. They told us of their encounters with bears, cougars, lynx, beavers and all kinds of creatures who share the land around them.

We had gone over to investigate their solar system and ended up having a most blessed afternoon.

We were taken on a tour of the shop. I was pulled aside by the hubby to go and view his “pin-up wall”, almost every shop has a “Pin-up wall” doesn’t it? Not all people were allowed to view this very private place. I stood there and saw pictures of “betty boop” and other familiar animations, just fun pictures, nothing at all “risqué”, it qualified as “family friendly”. Then he said to me, “open the cupboard doors,” as right in the middle of this 10’ x 10’ wall space were 2 brown cupboard doors. I carefully opened the doors and peeked, to my delight I was privy to his special treasure.

He carefully opened the doors fully and on the back of the doors and on the wall (not an actual cupboard, just the doors) were portraits of one lady. He explained, ‘this is my wife as a girl, this is my wife in high school when we met, this is my wife…, this is my wife when’... and pictures of her throughout their lifetime graced the space.

I can not explain what a leap my heart did when I saw how much this man treasured, adored and honored his wife. He deeply loved her. How her heart must sing, each time her husband shows his “treasure” to others. We women long to be cherished and treasured.

He had another big wall in the shop with other pictures, of his children, his friends and family who have a special spot in his heart, but this sacred spot, behind the cupboard doors held his “true love.”

Do I believe that there were never bad times and times where they did not like each other? Not at all, we all struggle at times in relationships. His treasure wall was most important to bring back his focus, to remind him of the important things in life, especially on days where it might not be good.

I hope this couples’ children know how significant their parents are - loving each other that way. It is not a common occurrence anymore to see someone’s eyes sparkle talking about each other after a few years, never mind after 50 years together.

If you are single or are missing your spouse for whatever reason, please keep reading,

there is more and it is just for you!

I had another reason for writing this blog: You see as soon as I saw the “treasure cupboard” I knew! I knew that God also has a treasure cupboard and behind His cupboard doors are pictures of His treasure! In that space, would be pictures of you!

You are a delight of His heart. God treasures you like this man treasures his wife. God longs to talk about you to others. He longs to be with you for your 50-90 plus year journey here on earth. He longs for your voice, He longs to talk with you and to you as well as listen to you as you talk to Him.

Just like He created Adam and Eve and said – “it is very good”, He also wants to walk and talk with you, the same as He talked with them in the garden of Eden. You were created by God, for God. He wanted you! Can you really fathom that? God, the God of the entire universe, decided to create you!

You could be 5 months, 5 years, 50 years or even 105 and God is still thinking about you, wanting to talk with you and hear about your life.

If we have not been spending time with Him, it is like lost treasure – on your part. Your pictures are still on God’s wall and He longs for your company – do you long for His?

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