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It is the T-Shirts?

I would love to chat a little bit about the Prayer Room, that's not actually accurate, I would like to shout out: "Hey! Let's talk about the Prayer Room! You should have been there!"

Did you know it is almost our 4 year anniversary running the Prayer Room inside of the MIssion Thrift Store here in Grande Prairie. What a blessing it has been.

Today, Tuesday, is “my day” and what a day it was!

I have never ever had a prayer room day like it. Oh, I have had great days, God showing up and doing extra special things. I have had many days like that. We have had people learn about God, people healed by God and people encouraged by God.

But today was extra special, I think it is because we got t-shirts….. (just kidding, but maybe). Our whole Prayer Team got t-shirts with “How Can I Pray For You Today” imprinted on it. Today was my first day in my t-shirt and I was like an excited little kid!

I had one lady tell me that she and her kids when they were younger used to pray and ask God to 'show up and show off'. Well today He did!

I can honestly say I have never encountered anything quite like it. It was like a straight 2 hour power hour and prayer marathon where God showed up and showed off!

We had a couple healings, we had God speak directly to hearts, we had some miracles, we had people so excited and jumping up and down, hauling others into the prayer room to get prayed for.

I personally know that God did this all by Himself, it was not because I was there, God did it for me as encouragement and because He cares for the people who came in.

I kind of know me, and I am 100% certain that I was not prayed up, holier than others, ready to receive or any other such thing. I had had a couple of long hard days and basically all I did was “show up” and be willing to be used if God wanted to.

Well, He wanted to!

A fellow who comes started off the afternoon and he left believing God would direct his path for the next couple months while some major family changes are happening.

I have had “God feelings” before but nothing, nothing prepared me for what happened next and the electrical current that surged through me for 7-10 minutes while praying for miraculous healing for a certain lady. She felt the power come right through me and kept saying, “don’t let go!” I wasn’t.

When God finally finished, He told us what He had healed and why – I was crying, she was so excited over what God had done. My arms shook for about 20 minutes from the intensity of the power surge. Then another lady, who knew the first lady came over and sat down saying, “I want some prayer too!”

Off we went again.

Then another lady came and by the end of my prayer time, people were being escorted in by others who had been touched by God in the Prayer Room. It was a chain reaction.

One lady was jumping up and down excited over what she experienced.

Honestly, I was stunned. It was a Holy Ghost, God the Father, Jesus Come Now time and you know, I think it is how it is supposed to be everyday! God was actually showing us His “norm.”

God wants to show up, and He wants us to expect Him to.

Oh, we can all say, “Come and Heal Us God" with bated breath and looking around for a sign. But can we boldly say, “Be Healed in Jesus Name, Now Get Up and Walk!” with the certainty that the person will! That is how 2 people I know with leg issues got miraculously healed – “Get up and walk in Jesus’ name!”

Different attitude, different posture. One is pregnant with expectancy, but the other is birthing the baby! Here it comes! And God shows up.

Does God always answer the way He did today? No. But is that not like God to change it up and do the healing, the miracles His way? He is not a formula, He is not a magic genie, He is God. In the Bible each healing Jesus did was done in a different way and yet He healed each one.

In the past month I heard about something called Miracle Cafés. They started in the United Kingdom and have branched across the world. These are coffee shops or little cafes where you walk in for a cuppa and end up with a miracle.

You see, while there is a menu with food items, there is also items on the menu like:

A Miracle

A God Word of Encouragement

A Healing


Dream Interpretations

 What a cool concept – right? These are the things the world wants to know more about, God is willing to show them, are we ready to be brave enough to offer them to a world that needs hope, miracles, healing and encouragement?

Today for me, felt like a Miracle Café, while we had no food to offer physically, we had a rich supply of nourishment for our souls and that beats physical food every time! I can honestly say, it was one of the best days – EVER!

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1 opmerking

24 jan.

Thank you My friend, it certainly was a miraculous afternoon And I am so Blessed to have been one of them prayed for. I feel much better this morning “Thank you Jesus “

what A Blessing we all have since God downloaded the vision of the Prayer Room to you ,thank you for being so obedient 😃

love you ❤️

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