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I Heard a Miracle....

Wonder of wonders, I heard a miracle!

My husband actually said the words, “I will have to read the manual,” regarding something that he was not sure how to use.

I was dumbfounded, a miracle had just happened, almost as rare as a man saying, “I will stop and ask for directions.”

Surely, I jest, or do I?

I was teasing him about it and then he stopped me cold when he said, “I always read the manual. I read the Bible every day and that is the most important manual to read.”

My mouth stopped talking, what really could I say to that? It was totally true. Sometimes that man plain makes me speechless.

On a more serious note though, I am not sure if you sense it, the excitement of what God is doing in the world. Things have changed and although that might seem like an obvious statement, let me explain.

While we live in a world that is fraught with confusion, discord, violence and a lot of darkness, there are some pretty miraculous things happening.

You see when things get dark, all it takes is one little match to light it back up again, but I

am not talking about a little match, I am talking about spotlights.

The Bible talks about signs in the sky – well case in point, I just went outside, it is Tuesday night at 10:23pm and we are in a snowfall warning zone. It is dark and snowing and has been for most of the day, it is to continue until tomorrow night. I had to go out and fill the 2 wood bins from the wood shed for our stove. It was snowing, the dogs had been coming in all covered with it, all evening. I filled the bins and then headed for the house. I looked up and saw the moon shining down on me, through the snow.

I thought to myself, how weird, it is snowing and yet the moon is out. Strange but true.

Miracles are happening and it is not just my husband reading directions!

Have you noticed, and it is not just me that has, that prayers are getting answered quicker? Have you noticed that God is showing up faster and in more obscure places? Have you noticed that people are simply wanting to know if God is real?

I have.

People are experiencing healings, this morning we discovered a man who had kidney stones that we prayed would dissolve – had disappeared.

In the past couple weeks I have had reports of cancers being gone, people being healed and hard hearts being opened by the power of God. I heard a report that a couple of people watched demons flee when they told them to go. This stuff is really happening.

I have seen the wonder on peoples faces when I go over and share the thought that God has placed in my heart for them. Today it was a man with a strained knee. He was sharing that he slipped a week ago and he felt his kneecap wrench. I asked him if I could pray for it. I have no idea if it healed at that exact moment, but I know it will be healed but the look on this man’s face that the God of the universe would take the time to send someone over to pray for him, was worth every second of me praying for him.

People are aching for God. The hunger that people have to find meaning and value is huge. I was able to pray and share with a lady I picked up on the side of the road. After I told her God told me to pick her up, she shared that she had spent many nights on her knees asking God where He was. What a joy to let her know He had heard her and sent me to let her know that He had heard every word she said.

Have I watched a limb grow back on a human body? Not yet, but I know it’s coming.

God is the God of the light. When Jesus was about to leave the earth and go back to heaven, He said we, you and I, could do as many miracles as Him and that we would do greater ones than Him. John 14:12

How would that even be possible? While I was in the woodshed a thought came to me. God the Father is the God who has remained in heaven. Jesus is God who put on human skin and came to earth. The Holy Spirit is God with our skin on because He lives inside of us. How does this work? It is miracles.

Once we invite the Holy Spirit to come and live inside of us, we get to be God’s hands and feet while on earth. We get the honor or praying for and asking for miracles to happen, then we get to watch God do them. It is exciting, this is the church in action. This church is not like your grandma’s church, it is not dull and boring, we do not sit around and sing hymns (although we do sometimes), we take God with us outside of the church walls and bring Him to the people. Introduce them to each other.

I had a lady come and ask me about something in a washroom today she wanted to know if I could answer her question about a spiritual matter. I could not but out of stall #1 came her answer. We had no idea who was in stall #1 but God downloaded the answer to her right on the throne! We all laughed, God can work anywhere at any time. (I knew all the ladies involved and they knew each other, it was not a group of strangers, that would have been plain weird).

God is looking for willing people to take Him and His message to the world, He is looking for a willing heart, and a mouth that says “Yes Lord, pick me.”

Oswald Chambers says it best: “There is actually only one thing you can dedicate to God, and that is your right to yourself. If you will give God your right to yourself, He will make a holy experiment out of you – and His experiments always succeed.”

This is so hard when we have the urge to always be in control, in this mindset we come to God and want God to work for us, jump through our hoops and listen to our advice on how our life should work out. It does not work that way, actually God works through us. It is not about obedience, it is about surrender, a totally surrendered life is worth far more to God than a life we think we have to sacrifice.

“The most wonderful secret of living a holy life does not lie in imitating Jesus, but in letting the perfect qualities of Jesus exhibit themselves in my human flesh… Christ in you” (Colossians 1:27 Oswald Chambers) It is God’s life imparted to me, impartation means something is imparted, or placed into me, it is not about me imitating God, that simply wears us out and frustrates us as it cannot be done.

What a relief, what a joy, what a romance once we understand that we do not have to do the work, God does it through us, and once we get this, life becomes an adventure because you never know just where He will take you, from bathrooms to highways the adventure continues each and every day!

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