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Fun Facts...

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A bit of fun facts for you, and a high five to those of you who already know the following:

Did you know that “fluffle” is a real word and a real thing? A “fluffle” is the name that is given to a group of bunnies. I find that to be a really cute word – fluffle.

Were you aware that the Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal? It was first used in the Scottish royal coat of arms by William 1 in the 12th Century. Scotland today has a national Unicorn Day on April 9th every year. Yes, unicorns are mythical creatures, but they have a long history in Scotland. The unicorn is renowned to have traits of dominance and chivalry keeping with the folks of Scotland who would rather fight than be conquered.

Were you aware that in the Netherlands there is an annual “Red Hair” gathering? The Redhead Days festival is a gathering of tens of thousands of people in the city center of Tilburg, including many thousands of redheads from over 80 countries. It is the oldest, largest, and most spectacular redhead festival in the world. It will happen this year in Spoorpark, Tilburg from August 23-25, 2024, and on Sunday August 25 the famous group photo will be taken. There are also Red Head gatherings in Ireland, London, Chicago, and Portland.

Did you know that it takes approximately 700 grapes to make one bottle of wine, which is about 2.6 pounds. I am not sure if a glass of wine equals your vitamin C count for the day, but I kind of doubt it. I wonder how many grapes it took to fill the vat of water that Jesus turned into wine?

Now this one could be disappointing and mind blowing for a number of people. The breakfast cereal Fruitloops are actually all the same flavor despite their color. (I know, it was shocking to me as well). The news was broken to the public in January 2013 in Time magazine.

Did you know that you cannot hum if you are pinching your nose? You know you are

going to try it….

In the Bible the oldest person was “Methuselah, he lived 969 years, and then he died." Genesis 5:27

Japan has an obsession with Kit Kat bars and there are over 200 flavors available there.

There was an alligator in the White House at the time of President John Quincy Adams, (1825-1829). He was given the alligator as a present from a French General and it was kept in the bathroom in the east room for a time.

Abraham Lincoln was a champion wrestler and a licensed bartender.

A donkey spoke to a man named Balaam, in the Bible in the book of Numbers chapter 22. The donkey saw an angel of God with a sword in his hand to kill his master so he laid down to save his master. After being beaten by his master the donkey started talking to him, Balaam could not see the angel and thought the donkey was simply being stubborn. The donkey saved his life.

Some lipsticks contain fish scales. I know this one is kind of disgusting – sorry, but better to know….. if your lipstick contains “pearl essence” it is the glittery substance found in fish scales. Primarily sourced from herring and used in lipsticks and nail polishes. Now a days most use a synthetic “pearlessence” but how can you tell?

The rainbow is a promise from God. The very first rainbow was put into the sky as a promise from God to man that He would never again flood the whole earth as in the days of Noah and the great flood. The seven listed rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Genesis 9:16

In Japan, the police rarely ever resort to violence if they can de-escalate a situation. If you are drunk, violent or out of control in Japan, the police will take a plastic sheet and roll you up like a burrito. You will be taken to the police station and remain there until you calm down.

Did you know that a fetus was the first to rejoice at the news of Jesus?  Mary pregnant with Jesus went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, upon her arrival, Elizabeth’s fetus (John the Baptist) leapt in her womb over the news that Jesus was going to be born. Luke 1:41-45

Now you know all of these weird but interesting pieces of information. I am not sure if you will ever get to play on the tv show, Jeopardy but knowing some of these facts can help you with your conversation starters and even add brilliance to any Trivia contests you may enter. You are most welcome.






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