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Crickets, Mealworms. Get Your Next Meal Here!

Sometimes when I write people get mad at me or they do not agree with me, and sometimes they get right ticked.

It is not often that I get those reactions but they certainly have happened. I have learned much about people’s reactions and compare it to my woodworking days.

Eventually I learned that if someone asked me to build an item, I would ask them to draw me a picture or show me a picture of what they were thinking. I did this because I had learned by trial and error to at first build by the way they verbally described the item. Once it was built, it usually was not at all what they had envisioned in their head. In my head I saw a very different picture from the exact same description they gave me and rather than what they saw I was stuck with something that no one wanted. It was frustrating.

In writing, the ideas, and themes I am writing about make perfect sense to me, however often I have the rest of the paragraph in my head or I only jot down part of what I am thinking or the “slant or bent” that I am trying to write about does not become clear in the wording. It can appear to be a very different paragraph on paper than what I originally intended it to be, with a very wrong impression. When I write I try to read it over and over and say it out loud to myself and at least one other person. If I am here by myself, it can be harder to make sure I get the jest of what I am trying to say correct. Then there are other times where I type slower than the speed my brain is working – warp speed! Then I miss a lot of content.

There have been a lot of differences in opinions, values, and clarity in the past couple of years and our brains do not always agree because our head pictures are so different. To be honest it looks like there is going to be a lot more of this coming our way.

Have you heard about what is happening in Holland, Italy and Germany with the farmers?

The governments are clamping down on the farmers, saying that animals are contributing to the climate change problem and forcing farmers to kill off at least 30% of their herds. Farmers are saying “NO”. It has gotten ugly. It is only a matter of time until the bomb drops here in North America where they will tell our farmers to do the same thing.

We will be split again about “yes animals are a problem” and “no animals are not a problem.”

Someone has decided that worldwide animals are now causing climate change. It’s the fertilizer they say, no it is the tractor puffing out smoke and using fossil fuels, perhaps it is the methane gas…..

I defer to the Bible where God Himself said that human kind could eat the animal kind for food, I kind of think He knew what He was doing and He created an ecosystem that works.

Whatever the outcome – there are two distinct sides and it is not going to be pretty.

Now remember these are the same people, these government leaders, who have refused to talk to you about “fatbergs”, a very real problem in sewer systems around the world, read my blog from 2 weeks ago if you missed it. I am simply throwing this fact out there for you to mull around.

These same people have deemed that the next “crisis” will be how to get protein into our diets if we kill off our livestock and they have come up with some very interesting ideas.

Did you know that at the Calgary Stampede this past couple weeks you could purchase a “Cricket Hotdog” and a “Mealworm Hotdog?” Oh I know, yummy is not the right


But they were very real things – check out the picture at the top from the Stampede and tell me you would like to order up a couple of these babies!

At the same time I am writing this, Aspire Food Company (an International company) is building a huge “Cricket Farm” operation in London, Ontario. I am serious – here is the link:

When I first went onto the website it talked about the cricket farm being for “pet food” but when you keep digging and reading, the crickets are for humans everywhere. Here is their attitude put right onto their website: “We refuse to live in a world where food and nutrition insecurity abound, and we have the Audacity, Skill, Passion, Ingenuity, Rebelliousness and commitment to Excellence to do something about it.”

I am not sure about you but when did the “food and nutrition insecurity” become the motto of next big business? And bugs are the next big business??

Let me get this straight….

World government leaders are saying – kill the beef, chickens and pork…. But now we will have a crisis of food and protein to live on so let them eat “bugs”.

Here is the deal…. Someone is lying. It may be that we are relatively new cow farmers, but I know a pile of cow manure when I see it!

If they lie about one thing, it is not a big step to imagine they are lying about other stuff.

If and I say “if” we will have a shortage of protein and food, there is an alternative and it is farmable, you can learn to grow it yourself, it has been used for hundreds of years, by numerous cultures, it is a superfood and even NASA sent it to space because it is that good for you and they fed it to the astronauts. It is called Spirulina.

I have used Spirulina for years and my kids even remember having to "take" it.

Ounce for ounce it has more protein than beef as it has a value of 70% protein and it has been reported over and over by scientists all over the world and by NASA itself, that we could wipe out world starvation, that is correct – “world starvation” not just a little bit of hunger, by sharing our Spirulina. Has anyone done this?

Spirulina is a blue/green algae (this is a specific type of algae not the blue/green algae we get in Alberta on the lakes that is dangerous) and it is considered a super food. Why on earth would we eat bugs when we can have algae and get more vitamins, more protein without that horrible crunch factor? It also looks more appealing even if it is green.

Spirulina has B12 which a body needs for energy and to assimilate iron in their bodies. It contains healthy fats, Vitamins A, C, D and E as well as iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and other minerals.

The World Health Organization has found Spirulina to be an excellent food for human consumption.

Why then has it not been flaunted around the globe? Here is the clincher: you cannot patent a natural product. Oh, the money factor and just like that we are back to bug farms.

No, you cannot patent a cricket however if you put the cricket into a hot dog – you can patent your recipe. Just like a good murder mystery, follow the money.

Bee pollen is also another “super food” and if you put Spirulina and Bee Pollen together = it is a win/win deal for our bodies and our health.

Here is a link to an article titled: 10 Reasons Why Bee Pollen is the Next Health Superfood.

When I was in the Health Food industry, we knew it was a superfood over 25 years ago. Cultures have been using bee pollen for centuries – this is nothing new. But again, you cannot patent Bee Pollen.

Bugs and insects will not cut it as a protein replacement, at least not for me and my family, not when there is a viable and much better options “if” we really ever have to replace the beef.

Spirulina and Bee Pollen – it’s a win/win people.

We all have choices, even if the “experts” say you do not, you can listen to the “experts” and cave in letting them kill off your food supply and then you can start looking under rocks for your next meal. You choose.

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