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Cozy Mysteries and Mysteries That Are Not

I'm scrambling to create a new blog post since I totally forgot my computer at a Bible study yesterday. It's safe just not with me.

I was feeling confident because I'd written my blog and was not worried about it this week. Then I realized it was still in my documents file, I had not uploaded it to my blog site yet. Oh brother... that means I had to get to thinking right away!

I had told a couple people my blog name, "The Truckers Wife and Murder", which sounds more like one of those "cozy mysteries ". That sounds so innocuous. But really what is a "cozy mystery?"

I love them myself but I had to analyze the name and got a little traction from it. Wikipedia describes these stories as : "Cozy mysteries, also referred to as "cozies", are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence occur off stage, the detective is an amateur sleuth, and the crime and detection take place in a small, socially intimate community. "

My take on "cozies" is that I get cozy on the couch complete with snacks and tea and read about some poor persons murder or disappearance.

I had to question how that is actually okay... but they are a real thing. I read 2 of them last week! Even on tv we have "cozy mysteries ".

Often under the cover of bakers, wedding planners, radio hosts, restaurantors, realtors and even pastors and priests who get sucked into an investigation by discovering a body or two or three.

I'm not going to judge you if you do not judge me on this one.... the reason I bring them up is because our world situation, globally and nationally is a bit of a mystery is it not? Really hard to navigate when you hear this or that.

Fact checkers have turned out to be bought out or paid to say certain things so how do you really know a "fact" unless you see it for yourself?

I like to stay safe with courtroom strategy: if you did not see it yourself it is classified as third hand information and it is not admissible in court. It could also be called "gossip."

I would not clarify any of these issues facing our area, country or society as "cozy", nor would I describe them as comfortable. But we can see with our own eyes something is off.

There is a massive walk happening throughout Canada today called "1 Million March For Children."

The Alberta Muslim Social Association is spearheading this walk here in many cities in Alberta. Their motto is "leave our kids alone." It is a walk that brings together different cultures, different religious beliefs, different races and even different gender types. What a very cool concept, this is a united front of "parents". It is a walk because our children matter.

This is neither cute or cozy and it's as serious as you get. Our children are our future, our legacy, our heritage. We had children to protect our future after we pass.

I am horrified but not surprised as to the comments already on Facebook by each side.

When it comes to our children- we do not fool around and it can get ugly fast. This walk is not about ugly, it is about our children and what we, the peoples walking want for their own children. That's the coolest thing, each parent doesn't even necessarily want the same thing, they simply want a say into what their children are taught. They are a united front on that issue.

As a mom, years ago bringing up my boys. I was the mom who disallowed them to see certain things (movies), I was careful what they watched at home and I wanted to ensure the learning they received was what I myself wanted them to learn.

Did that work? Was I able to surround and protect them? Somewhat but in other areas- heck no!

I chose my line in the sand carefully because Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family said to. He told us as parents - choose which battle hill you are prepared to die on. Interpretation is: do not fight over everything but choose which battles are not negotiable.

For many parents what is taught to their children is not negotiable.

If Jesus was walking on earth today I think His famous line, (1 of soooo many) would suffice: "Love never fails."

Love for our children.

Love for our fellow humans.

Love for God Himself.

People think that love is all soft and gooey. Sickly sweet and a push over. Not so!

Love done correctly-which would be for the good of all concerned. Others and yourself. That includes saying a firm "no" when necessary. You always say "NO" when a child is about to touch a hot fire or stove top.

You say a firm "NO" if your child is bullying other children or is being bullied.

It includes saying a firm "NO" if your spouse is making inappropriate remarks or advances on you or another person.

It is a firm "NO" when someone wants to hurt you-physically, mentally or physically. That is abuse.

We are not made to be doormats but we are also not made to be bulldozers; although sometimes we have to stand our ground.

God loves children. Jesus admonished anyone who did not take children seriously and treat them with kindness.

What is the best way to navigate this day?

God is God of the whole world not just our little corner. He sees the big picture. He has some extremely harsh words for anyone who hurts children.

He also has harsh words for people who hate each other.

We can be a person who is judgemental and critical, lashing out at anyone different than us. Or we can be holding the line standing our ground, lovingly saying "no, I don't think so" about those things that pertains to us: including our children.

We get to choose... and I admonish you to choose wisely because the children are watching. Be the person you want your child to grow up to be.

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