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All That Kind of Stuff

I had some interesting feedback from last weeks blog about being flexible and slugs, while it is not good to be a slug and leave slime over others in our cranky moods, if I am being honest, I was kind of pleased to know I was not the only slug in the crowd.

One was a comment to my referring I am not gaining flexibility while getting older, but my sister-in-law said that she believes that with age she has become more flexible in some areas due to experience (lessons learned, always learning). I really liked that and that is something we all should strive to be more flexible in – learning from experience.

Then I had a most thought pondering comment – it came from a preschooler.

He and his grandma while she was babysitting were out in the yard and they collected about 20 slugs and one huge one. Yuck! The little guy handled them and put them into a bucket along with worms, spiders, grasshoppers, etc. They had to soak his hands for a while and use a brush to get the slug slime off his hands (slug slime is hard to get off). While grandma is looking into the bucket to see the ewww collection her grandson pipes up, “wow, we sure got a lot today Omi, aren’t they nice. God makes all that kind of stuff!”

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder – isn’t it? As much as we are disgusted with slugs, there are some that see them as true prizes to behold.

Our mobile home is still not here. We have been looking for a mover, and a 16’ hitch for the trailer. I thought finding a hitch would be easy, but no. Every trailer has bolt patterns in different places and most trailers have the hitch left with them, of course ours did not. We have people looking and we have contacted all the leads, tips and ideas from others. We have one mover who will move it if he can find a hitch. We have one mover and a hitch and he can move it in 2 weeks. Then there is the other mover with a hitch who is away on another job for 2-3 weeks. We need a miracle on this and thank goodness we know the One who can provide one of those. In my mind it should have already happened but you know, I have neither mover nor hitch. I am learning to poise my words in thankfulness that God has a plan and will bring the mobile here at just the right time. I want to have the childlike wonder at the God who makes all that kind of stuff!

God had to give me a little talking to this week. I had had more than a few meltdowns over this trailer business and I was done. I mean done! (we are talking about major slug slime crankiness)

I poured out my heart asking God if we had missed His leading. Were we even supposed to be here? Should we move off the land? What had we done wrong? All of those types of questions.

I very clearly heard Him answer, “I have protected all of your land, when you step off of it, all the forces of hell come against you.”

Now I was stunned and angry at this. Stunned because I got a bit of a visual of this black swirling mass hurling itself against me. I could actually visually see it and it was not pretty, mad because satan can just back off!

For many of us this might be classified as “woohoo” talk, more like twilight zone thinking, maybe I have been in the bush too long. However, I will remind you, that you and I, all humans are created to be human and spiritual beings. It was designed into us. The spiritual world is every bit as important and the physical world that we can see. Because we cannot see the spiritual world, we tend to think it is not there. But like we cannot see the wind, we see its effects when the leaves blow, we see the effects after a storm, hurricane or tornado. For something that we cannot see, the wind has a lot of power to change the world.

So, it is with the spiritual world. Simply because we cannot see it does not mean it does not exist. I have been walking with God way to long to not have a long, long list of things that I have seen the hand of God change. I also have a long, long list of things that I have seen evil change and destroy. Reality is that there is a heaven and a hell, there is a God and a devil – they exist and surround us whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. They are still actively influencing our world.

I heard God explain, “when I told the Israelites about the Promised Land they sent in 10 spies ahead of time, but they came back to join the others. When they actually went in to take possession of the land, it took an army, not just a couple people. You are 2 people, you need an army.”

This whole little conversation took place in minutes but it got me out of my slump. I started to text people that we needed prayer. I can honestly say within 45 minutes I had changed, or rather the atmosphere around me had changed. I had peace.

So, nothing in reality had changed, but inside of me everything changed. I knew we were on track with the plan, I knew we needed some spiritual help and I knew the folks who could help with that.

What battle, mountain are you fighting with right now? Is it a person, a loss, a disease, a decision? Are you trying to do it by yourself or perhaps it is just you and your family? Perhaps it is time to leave the world of the physical and invite the world of the spiritual

get hold of your army, your tribe, and invite them to pray into your situation to move some mountains and bring peace to your heart and soul.

Cause God does all that kind of stuff!!

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