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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Things that have make me go hmmmmm.

I love questions, I have more questions than the normal person I am sure. I want to know all the “why’s, what’s, when’s and how’s” to almost everything. These questions can cause me focus, determination and sometimes anxiety, but I could no more stop them than breathing. I also have a list of questions for God when I see Him.

Today, I have been stewing on a bunch of questions and I almost did not write them out because they are “my” questions and does anyone else care, but they will not leave me.

So I am writing them out, because once they are out, I can make room for more.

Why in the past month have I run across three separate people who have told me that they know of three separate elderly people who have passed away in the past month? Each one of them had Covid listed as the cause of death on their death certificate and none of the three had a Covid illness. One lost a bought with cancer, once simply fell asleep and did not wake up, she was 97 and the other I am not sure. Yet each of these three families questioned the death certificate they received and were told that the Doctors were being pressured to write Covid down as the cause of death. Why? These are people I know.

How has this skewed our Covid reporting system?

Why is Dr. Tamm saying to stay put this long weekend and not visit outside of your own immediate family – people who live in your house and yet Prime Minister Trudeau is going to Harrington Lake to be with his family?

Why is it okay for the Prime Minister and his family to cross provincial borders that are closed to go to Harrington Lake, in Quebec, when we are told essential travel only and borders are closed?

Why is the country residence of Prime Minister Trudeau having $8 million dollars in renovations when it actually needs $18million? Who is paying for this? When the rest of Canada is told to sit at home, do not go to work or your cottages and summer residences and for heavens sake do not go camping? Why is the rest of Canada out of work, wondering how to pay the bills and why can we not go see our families?

Why did Premier Doug Ford have his family – daughters who did not live with them over this past weekend? Why did Doug Ford go to his summer cottage in Ontario last month?

When did liquor and cannabis become essential services? Keep them home and high?

Why did 53,000 people die from heart disease in 2018 in Canada alone, compared to 5,169 Covid deaths and we did not close our country down? The normal flu killed 8,511 people in 2018 and we did not shut down – why not?

Why if your own body needs to produce anti-bodies to fight infections are we so bent on cleaning and sanitizing? Every parent of 3 or more children will tell you that after #1, the 5 minute rule comes into play for all soothers, toys and bottles, heck we even handed our keys to #2 and 3 to play with. The first child we coddled and sanitized for, the last child is more hardier and healthier – they have had to produce their own immune system. You need germs to build your immune system.

Why have we insisted people stay inside and isolate when after 5 months of winter shut in for us up north, the sun with its vast supply of Vitamin D helps boost our immune system and we should be encouraged to go out in it? Vitamin D also helps promote healthy bones and teeth, our brains and mental health and much more. It is essential for life.

These are “my” questions that are floating around in my head this past couple weeks. Some I have answered already and some I am still waiting for answers, but I know that I will continue to ask and question.

Some of these are do as I say not as I do concerns and those never work - they do not work as parents to our children, because children and people will copy what we actually do – Actions will always speak louder than words.

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Steve Henry
Steve Henry
May 14, 2020

Lots of great questions we should get a panel of experts (you know who I am referring to!!! ) LOL to give us their honest answers . Whoops that won't work I said honest !!


May 13, 2020

Love love this

Very good Questions and great answers

Thank you my friend

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