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  • Jane Wheeler

Hip Surgery

My oldest son had hip replacement surgery December 21, yes, we know that he is terribly young to have that kind of surgery (34). We got to celebrate his great 6 week checkup by toasting 2 cups of Tim Hortons steeped tea together, it would have been better if we had won a “roll up the rim” but that did not happen. You know a lot of things in life do not happen…..

It has been a very long road for him, we have known since he was a teenager that he would need a hip replacement at some point when he could not use it anymore. Probably it should have been replaced at least two years ago – that did not happen. He was on the surgery waiting list for 1 ½ years. A very long 1 ½ years, he was unable to work, to walk very far, to sit very long, and he was in a lot of pain.

It is amazing the things they can do now – replace a whole part of your body with metal, plastic and screws. The surgeon did let him know that he would ring the bell at every airport in the future.

My son said the pain in recuperating is not near as bad as the pain he has lived with for years because of the deteriorating hip. The doctor has said over and over that the hip was really bad, nothing left, and he was surprised that my son is way ahead in the recovery process but, that for the next 3-4 months he still has to be very careful with bending and he told him of course no falling and do his physio exercises and that he could not do his trade anymore; One of those surprises in life. Then he added to make my son’s day, that he could resume driving – freedom!

We were in the middle of a wonderful snow storm that day so we went right to the drug store and bought a “spike” for his cane so he is now armed and dangerous!

We went grocery shopping after the check up and I saw a lady I know quite well, I said “hello” and she never said anything, nothing happened. I felt slighted. We caught up with her in another couple rows and the same indifference, again nothing happened. I mentioned to my son that I felt it was quite rude, my son informed me that perhaps she was having a bad day, week and perhaps her mind was not on me at all. Hmmmm….

Don’t you just love it when your children “adult” you with advice that makes so much sense? Yup that can happen!

When I thought about it, he would know, his pain level was a daily occurrence and trying to push through pain is a hard thing whether it is physical or emotional. Sometimes it takes all our effort and concentration to simply get through a day.

This is something that I will have to remember the next time another person seems to snub me – it probably is not about me at all. Perhaps I could simply pray for them.

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