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  • Jane Wheeler

Be Careful with More

I had not been at church for weeks, probably since the beginning of December for many reasons. I have no idea what has been preached or spoken about. Imagine my surprise when the Pastor said that he told the congregation that God had MORE for them. I was blown away because my blog that week had been on MORE.

It hit me that MORE is a universal world message from God – when I hear God repeat the messages He gives me for my blogs in other sermons and places around the world, I KNOW that He is yelling from heaven and wanting us to get it.

When this first happened to me years ago, I was miffed. God had given me a “special” message and whether it was for one of my books or one of my blogs, I knew it was important. I was stunned within a week or so I heard the very same message being given by a Pastor on the radio, and then I heard the same message somewhere else a short time later. Well, I was indignant that God would tell me the message and then give it to others to share as well, I had thought I was the “special” one, I could not figure it out.

Plain and simple that was my Pride rearing up and showing its ugly self. It took a few sessions with me mouthing off to God before He conveyed to me that His messages and gifts are always for everyone and that I am not quite so special to be the only one to get His message out to the entire world, He uses many people.

Hmmm that one knocked my ego down more than a few notches.

Now, when I hear a repeat message, I actually get excited that I am hearing correctly instead of pouting that I am not so special.

Are you getting this? God has MORE for you!

Ask Him - what does He have for you? What MORE does He have for you? This is the year of MORE.

My caution, be careful when you ask for MORE because you only get MORE to give it away, the MORE is not actually for you at all; as with any God gift, it comes the responsibility to use it.

God blesses us with: money, music, love, teaching, evangelism, healing, prayer, wisdom… we have no say to what we get, it has nothing to do with how special we are, all God given gifts are to be used for the benefit of others, never for our self.

What gifts are you using or should be using on behalf of others?

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