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  • Jane Wheeler

The Rockies

And yet again I find myself here: staring into the majestic glory that is the Rockies.

I cannot fully describe what the Rockies do to me as I float over them in this little capsule known as an airplane. Airplanes are a man-made feat but even they pale in comparison to the mountains.

My eyes literally tear up, my senses come to attention and my heart starts to sing. It is as if the mountains speak to my soul.

I am faced with my finiteness, my humanness if you will when I stare down at them.

I believe God takes us repeatedly to those object lessons where we become open and aware. For me it is the Rockies for many others it is also something in nature.

I am amazed at my lack of faith when I see them. How can I believe that God cannot do my seemingly trivial (and large) requests when He can create something as grandiose as the Rockies? The Israelite's were often faced with their humanness while wandering around in the wilderness on the way to the promised land. God would show up in a pillar of clouds, fire, speak to a rock to produce water or refresh them with heavenly manna. Yet they still struggled, like me, to believe. Our little finite minds cannot fathom the mind of God, not now or ever. Instead we tend to elevate ourselves by putting God in a box, making Him into our image.

We think God is like us, how daft! I cannot make a mountain, river, lake or ocean.

The Rockies become my “aha” moment where I say God is God. For the disciples after His resurrection it was a catch of fish so great and yet their nets did not break. Those fishermen knew their “aha” moment. “It is the Lord” (John 21:7). If God can make something as spectacular as the Rockies, I need to trust that He can look after my “stuff”.

It is humbling that God has to show me again and again His awesomeness. This causes me to rejoice that He is not willing to leave me stuck in my unbelief; nor will He leave you there.

Let Him wow you with His awesomeness again today.

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