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  • Jane Wheeler

Just a Little Change

Most of us do not like change, in fact, we balk, rebel and try to get away from it.

Change is one of those things that can take us to the next level or take us back from whence we came. The choice is ours, of course, how we react to it. People, generally, do not like change; it pushes us out of our comfort zone.

I think of the Israelite's who were in slavery in Egypt and for years they cried out to God to rescue them from their horrible existence. God rescues them and miraculously releases them to freedom. Well it is not long and they are whining and complaining about how good it was back in Egypt. They did not embrace the change and they talked themselves into thinking Egypt was good.

Newton's First Law of physics states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. This seems similar to “if you do the same thing over and over you will always get the same result.”

Basically we will stay the same unless something forces us to make a change, and then we will either embrace it and try to learn and grow or sit in a pity party and wish things had stayed the same. The choice is ours to make and I think we all can identify with both positions. The trick in life is to not get stuck in the pity party for too long, I am sure we can all think of someone we know who is stuck in the past and cannot seem to move ahead.

I got to thinking about change when I went to my sons; he has a plant that I originally gave him from a cutting I had taken off my own plant. It is a massive thing, blooming and wonderful. Mine has pretty much died and I was down to 1 leaf: truly a sad looking little plant.

I asked him how he takes care of it, he says he ignores it, basically if it gets one watering a month it is lucky. Now I water mine every week faithfully, give it some fertilizer and wonder what to do next to motivate it to grow.

I decided to move my plant to another spot in the house, on the counter above my kitchen sink. Well the most interesting thing happened. In a very short period of time, I had 2 leaves, then 3 and now I am up to 5, all in a month.

This got me to thinking, it was just a little move, one little change, one spot to another, I still water it weekly. But it is now growing and shooting up new shoots rapidly. It is excelling because it got moved.

How about us? What little change needs to happen to propel us to grow? Possibly you will get to pick what that change will be, that is you will choose what external force is going to propel you. Or chances are, something in life will change or apply external force on your circumstances so that change happens. How you react to the choice is up to you: positively or negatively.

Change is good – it causes us to grow. Let’s be individuals who embrace change and like my little plant – grow happily.

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