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  • Jane Wheeler

Walking Right Through

Today I got a light bulb vision. I love those because they are a word picture in my head that help me understand the topic even better.

We were listening to our friend tell us about her trip to Hungary. It was a dream of hers and she enjoyed every moment of it.

One of the things that stood out to her was a room in a church they had gone to visit. The above picture is one of the portions of that room. This architect had heard that a princess was coming for a visit. He wanted to do something special so he built her this breathtaking room. It took him 1 year and 9 months to complete his work.

Just looking at the picture you can tell it is a work of art and a labour of love.

Well the princess came and rushed through the room, ignored it and went straight to another part of the church.

How utterly sad! I imagine the architect was heartbroken.

It was just after that the analogy flitted into my head.

How often do we rush right past the things that God wants us to notice? He worked, planned and prepared something just for us and we went right on by because our eyes were not looking for “that”. That was not our “expectation”.

May we slow down and ask God to open our eyes to the beauty and gifts that He gives us and to stop watching for only the things “we want". May we be open to explore all the opportunities that we are given each and every day.

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