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A Hot Topic

This is not the blog I had originally planned to put here but when I was praying about what to write and waiting for a subject – this one became the “hot topic” that was impressed on me to talk about.

As I regarded this map of the current (Tuesday July 11) fires in the province of BC I was astounded. I think living here in Alberta and probably anywhere outside of BC, we get the “short version” of the BC fires, I mean we know it is bad, but when I opened the map at the following link and opened the interactive map – I was stunned:

Basically the whole province is on fire (except the island): the red dots mean brand new fires (you can not see most of these on the above map as they are mainly in the east corner blocked from the picture) started within 24 hours; the flaming yellow red fires are “fires of note”; and the little orange/yellow dots are active fires.

I sat there staring and then had to go onto Alberta’s wildfire status map: Yellow are fires being held and green are fires under control. NO red ones.

Quite the difference.

This week we are planning a family wedding, and we have family coming from BC, our family itself is from BC and my heart goes out to ALL of BC and the residents who are watching their surroundings burn down around them.

I was not surprised that the first people to rally to the BC residents plight as Fort Mac people. They get it they understand and they are pouring out the aid to help their neighbors.

Here is another vital link to use to find out how you can help or volunteer or to pass onto folks who may be in need of help: it tells you how to register with Red Cross, how to get help for medical/prescriptions because you had to leave fast and could not grab them, to help for the evacuees, help to shelter animals and livestock, food donation and food banks, shelters and evacuation sites, finding other people and making financial donations.

One easy thing anyone can do is text the word: fires to 45678 and $10 will be donated to the BC Fire Fund with the Red Cross, any carrier will do it and it is easy and we can all do that. I tried it - it works and totally something we can all do.

I am not sure what action I will take to try to help my home province and friends, but I encourage you to prayerfully consider what action you will take and not just sit back and watch the fire scenes explode across your television but actually put some action to this request and if you already done so – God Bless You!

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