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  • Jane Wheeler

Final Farewell From the Library

The thoughts in this blog are for everyone, the ending is specifically for “the gang” – you know who you are. The 1st part I saw on Facebook and I felt I needed a place to share it, and I had an opening…..

I think they should be teaching this in school:

Life Rules

Life is not divided into semesters – you will not get the summers off

School may have done away with winners and losers, life has not

Television and cell phones are not real life, people actually have to leave those to go to real jobs and talk to real people

If you are born poor it is not your mistake, if you die poor it is your mistake

Life is not fair

You will not make $60,000 a year right out of high school

If you think your teacher was tough, wait until you get a boss

Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity

Be nice to nerds, chances are you will end up working for one

The world will not care about your self-esteem

*My addition: you will have to learn to balance your own money, there is no money tree


Remember the Library Rules – they will work well for you in your job and family situations:

Remember to use only Library language – no swears, ( “Oh my stars” is acceptable in most places)

Remember to be kind

Remember that gossip will not be tolerated

Remember to be truthful, but only with love – no snarkiness

Remember you can still love someone and not like their behaviour

Remember that you matter

Remember to befriend the lonely

Remember to work hard

Remember to respect yourself

Remember that you are needed

Remember that the world does not owe you, you owe the world – strive to make it a better place

Remember that you were a gift to this librarian

As you are released into the world to find and make your own way, remember that you do not have to always follow the mold, as a matter of fact – break it, because you are each unique with your own gifts and talents and uniqueness stands out.

Know that the world can be a magical place, but it can also seem harsh and insensitive. There will be days where you will soar and think it could not get any better and there will be days where you wonder if you can do it. How can you possibly keep going…

It is at those moments if you take a minute, breathe in and out, look up and focus, stay still, in the silence you just might hear a librarian’s voice whispering softly: “You got this, you can do it, I know you can. I believe in you.”

Also know that somewhere that day a librarian said a prayer for you asking for divine intervention and asking that you someday know how much you are loved by your Creator.

So now, Go – you are released to the world, whether you think you are ready or not…

“Go, You Got This…..”

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