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My Christmas Blog - Amid the Chaos

I tried to take a picture of it today but when I went back to see it, it was gone. It was a hand written black sharpie note, it had been on the post office door for a week. When I first read it – it was one of those things that made you scratch your head and re-read the sign.

It said basically something like this: We can not keep up to the amount of parcels, the back room is full. We can not make parcel cards for all the parcels so if you are expecting a parcel come and let us know.

My first thought was – are you kidding me, how do I know if I am getting a parcel?

My second - if I do not know I am getting a parcel, are you sending them back?

My third was – this small little post office that has stood here for how many Christmases has always been able to make cards, what is wrong with you?

My fourth – is this not the same post office that for almost a year had a note on the same door that said – in order to collect a parcel you will need your parcel card and a piece of ID.

It seemed chaotic, it seemed silly and it really did not make much sense to me – it was a bit of a mess.

The Bible does not really tell us a whole lot about the birth of Jesus – it rather picks up on certain points and leaves us guessing at the rest. But I for one do not believe it was a silent night………….

  1. Women in child birth are rarely silent

  2. The baby was laid in a manger – animals were probably present

  3. The town was “full”. I am not sure about you but I find that when a whole flock of folks get together – a reunion of such, a lot of partying, eating and talking happens

  4. If the town was so full, why would Mary and Joseph be the only ones staying where they were

  5. Angels – thousands of them are singing

  6. Shepherds are terrified and then come to see the baby - visitors

  7. Babies are known to cry

We have a lot of activities happening that fateful night and not many of them fall into the silent category.

It sounds like there should have been a sign posted up in a doorway somewhere –

'If you are expecting a Savior let us know and we will get something ready.'

How do you know if you are expecting a Savior? Just like how do you know you are expecting a parcel – someone would have to tell you that a parcel is on the way.

The Old Testament did tell the people that a Savior was going to be born, they had heard that for hundreds of years, but in the chaos of that night when it actually happened – most of the town missed it. Mary and Joseph got it, the Shepherds got it, but really that might be all that got it that night.

I have learned in my life, that when something happens unexpected, when life seems a series of chaotic circumstances – look for God.

No God is not chaotic at all, He is planned and precision – His timing is always correct but one of His specialties is to show up right smack in the middle of our mess and chaos.

The Israelite's were looking for a Savior, a King – not a baby and certainly not a poor baby, lying in a manager. Absurd. That just does not make sense.

And yet it was – the total fulfillment of the Old Testament promises came true that night – a Savior was born. God, Himself slipped into town in a pool of blood and water, amid chaos and animal noises.

God came as promised, not at all like we would have imagined and He died as promised but not at all like we would have imagined. In the middle He kept telling us He is the way, He is the truth and He is the life.

At this time of year when people are "looking" for something in the stores to buy them some happiness; when people are hurting and in need of hope; when busy seems to be the way of Christmas - people, parties, and presents. Let us hold to the tradition of celebrating 'Christ'-mas and sharing the story of this little baby with those around us. They probably do not even know they need a Savior - let us share the story of the one who came amid the chaos to be our Peace on Earth.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jane and Brian

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