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  • Jane Wheeler

Do I Believe (Part 1 of 2)

We have a routine at our house if we are going out. Get the two dogs a treat of some kind, put up the baby gate to bar the living room for "off limits" and turn on the radio to cover any “weird” sounds that will start a barking frenzy and disturb the renters downstairs. Well this week I also had Jax my grand puppy and he was in his kennel locked into a bedroom.

Friday night I got home just before ten at night, I came in and let my two golden retrievers out and went to get Jax out of his kennel. He came barreling out and headed for outside with the other two. I went to turn off the radio - and did - but there was not silence when the radio was off. I did a double take thinking the radio was still playing when I had turned it off. I whirled around in shock when I realized the radio was off but my tv was playing.

The picture was not on on the tv screen but the surround sound system was on. I had no idea how to turn the thing off or on – I had never used it. But it was playing and I heard the distinct voice of Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory. I stood there stunned for a few seconds until it hit me full tilt that I had not put the tv on all day. Someone had been in the house! I looked around me and grabbed a 20” piece of ½ inch plumbing pipe that happened to be on my kitchen table and headed for the front door to get those dogs “back in”!

I punched redial to my husband who is up in Slave Lake working, got the dogs, pipe in hand and removed the baby gate to go into the living room. I told my husband we were going to search the house together. (not that he could do anything from up there but I felt – Not Alone). As I started walking across the living room towards the tv I noticed three mud splatters, not paw prints, but round loonie size drops of mud in the living room. I whirled around and looked in the kitchen, there were a couple of blobs there as well. I thought possibly it could have been doggie doo so my husband told me to sniff it – yes that is correct. So I went for a napkin and wiped up a blob and gave it the appropriate “sniff”, sure enough it was mud (a relief to my nostrils). I had to ask my husband how to turn off the surround sound because I had no idea how to turn it off or on. Sound off, house now eerily silent, I proceeded to swallow my fear and pipe in hand, three dogs following me (heroes all of them), hubby on the cell and do a thorough house search.

All outside doors were locked and nothing looked out of place except the mud and tv, we (me and phone hubby) went room to room searching closets, showers and any hiding places that could possible house a person. Nothing. I went around again and this time including the “outer” area where the renter comes in and out. Nothing.

I searched for mud at their entrance – nothing. I went back into my side, re-locked the door and did another house search. Nothing. I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband when for some unknown reason something fell in the pots and pans cupboard. I screamed and at this point wondered just what in the world was going on. My husband did not know what to do with me, we had searched the house over three times and found nothing (for which I am thankful). I asked him to pray with me which he did. I told him I would call him later.

I sat in my living room, pipe in hand, in a corner chair so no one could sneak up behind me and sat and listened. I really could not handle the silence so I called my friend that I had been out with, we also prayed; then I called another friend and then my son. Realizing there was nothing anyone could do for me and yet I truly was convinced that no one was in my house at the moment.

I sat and pondered...... (read the conlcusion next Wednesday)

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