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What's Your Angle? Meet My Cousin...

What is your angle? We all have one.

This particular question could be interpreted in many different ways.

What’s your angle can mean - degrees. Like a 90-degree angle or a 45-degree angle.

What’s you angle could mean – what is your particular take on this subject?

What’s your angle is something we ask people when we wonder what is in it for them.

What do they get out a deal, especially if we think it is a shady deal?

So, I ask you again… what’s your angle?

However, I am referring to physically. The pictures at the top are taken of the same thing, taken seconds apart but taken 2 feet from each other, in other words from a different angle.

The first shows the light from the window refracted through a crystal lamp base. It shows up on the wall behind it as white dots.

The second shows colorful rainbow dots as the crystal base refracts the light into rainbow like colors. (Sorry the pictures are not the best, but from where I was standing there was a remarkable difference).

The same lamp, the same wall, the same time plus or minus 10 seconds but yet a different vision. The distance was simply 2 feet apart and it changed the angle and that changed the outcome.

I thought about that, a matter of 2 feet and the angle can have a whole different picture, view, outcome and perspective. Amazing.

Think of a fierce windstorm on the ocean, the waves appear to jump up in the frothy, choppy waves. Picture 2 people in the parking lot standing beside each other looking out at the tempest.

One says, “no swimming in there today!”

The other says, “Sweet! Surfs up!” and runs and grabs his board.

Same position in the parking lot, same waves, same time, same place, different angle: changed outcome.

Meet my cousin Jason. Jason is no ordinary human being; he is extraordinary and so is his family. Jason has a different angle. He has had to endure things that no person should ever have to. Jason was diagnosed with tongue cancer several years ago. He has undergone tongue removal, removal of fibula to replace his lower jaw, endless drugs with chemo and radiation and learning to talk again, the Dr’s did not hold out a lot of hope for Jason, they gave him 3 months to live, he defied their odds.

Jason is a fighter and Jason survived. In that fight and in that struggle, Jason reached beyond himself to come up with a plan that can help other people.

He has gone on to write a book about his experience “The Dangerous Mind of a Dying Man” and start his own company. (The Dangerous Mind of a Dying Man is available in bookstores and online: click here for more info

While Jason was thinking that he might not be here for his kid’s graduation, or weddings and other significant events in his family’s life, he wondered how he could send his family messages after he was gone. While a lot of people would have given up, Jason decided from his angle, he could do something constructive to ensure his family could hear his messages to them years down the road.

What this led to was the start of Jason’s and his families new business “Heavenly Messenger”. Created in 2019, Heavenly Messenger is a new service available in Canada and USA that offers customers the ability to type or handwrite letters for their loved ones that can be stored until a predetermined date in the future. Upon this date, Heavenly Messenger will release your letter or letters from safekeeping and post them to your chosen recipients.

Jason had a “different angle”, a different perspective, he is using the time he spent under horrendous medical procedures, hardship, and all the mental torture he had to endure and is part of a solution in helping others find a creative and thoughtful way to ensure that their voice is heard. Allowing them to be a part of special moments, even if they cannot physically be there. Jason is my idea of a hero and I really love his angle.

Jason’s inner light refracted into a burst of light filled with compassion and creativity which gives the rest of us way to connect with our loved ones, when we cannot.

Here is a clip from that CTV news did with Jason last month (give it a minute or two to load up):

You can check out their website:

Or drop them an email:

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