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This is coming for your family....

There are times where I want to explode or at least say something that might be taken as “unkind.”

Call it the red head in me, the fiery tinge, I tend to call it my “spontaneous combustion – similar to a volcanic explosion.” You know something like, “I can’t believe people are that ……..”

Anyways, I digress, and you have no idea what I am talking about, except that it must have something to do with that horrible picture at the top. Well, it does.

Some of you will remember the “glamour shots”, those photo shoots where we went and had a make over, got our hair done, dressed up, and a professional photographer took our picture. We felt beautiful or handsome, it made us feel good about ourselves.

Well, news flash, much like everything else in the country, things have gone downhill, glamour shots are a thing of the past and people are paying for the photos shots like the one posted at the top of the page; and that is a mild one. I chose not to put the ones with the blood running out of their mouths, for those with queasy stomachs. I might not have the picture but I am going to talk about it.

Seriously? That is entertainment? I am going to pay money for that? That is beautiful? That is not sick? How did we get here? When did such evil become the norm? Because when I look at that picture, all I see is evil.

You may think to yourself, that is not evil, it is simply a picture. Okay, lets start with that, it is just a picture of a person holding a knife with blood dripping down their mouth –a picture is worth a thousand words. Words that come to mind: what does the picture represent them eating? An animal? A person? Come on – do you get good vibes when you look at that picture?

How about this… picture your child in that picture, go ahead put your child’s face in that picture, what about your grand child… go ahead. How does that picture feel now? You are comfortable with your child holding a knife, covered with blood?

We just had a man hunt in Canada for 2 men who went on a stabbing spree and we glorify images of such actions?

What if it is your child or grand child they just supposedly killed? Ohhhhh, that is extreme – right?! Give me a break, the only thing extreme is that disgusting picture. In whose eyes is a picture of someone having supposedly killed something, and covered with blood is called okay? Call me judgemental but like I said, when I look at that picture, a spontaneous combustible pops inside my head and starts asking the question….. ”I can’t believe people …..”

This is normal, mainstream folks, it is not a select few, not a fringe minority. This is a real thing! I did not even have a choice, this picture popped up on a social media site I was on. We have an increase in the darkside. Ever since Twilight, Tales of the Darkside, Black Mirror, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Charmed, The Good Witch – we have seen the increase of the “wonder of the dark powers”. It is not a surprise at how we got here.

I heard another thing today that also sent me into the fiery furnace. We were discussing this exact picture that is at the top, today in a group. Another topic came up along side of this one, about our children inside of the school system.

A couple of moms updated us on the happenings inside of the local schools. I am sure if you have children in the system or grand children, that you are aware that children are being directed, allowed to identify as whatever they want. What does that mean? It is a national thing, Canada and in the USA.

It means that the children inside the school system starting in kindergarten are being allowed to identify as a boy, girl, or other; or any kind of animal they wish. Yes, the children can decide if they want to be a cat, a horse, a hamster, a dolphin or whatever kind of animal they want to be. One of the moms in the group today, said that there are 2 schools that she knows of here in the Peace Country where in 2 classrooms there is even a litter box for the children to use because they have chosen to identify as an animal. Are you kidding me? I assure you I am not kidding – it has come to absolute insanity.

One of the moms said that her son is being bullied at his school because there is a girl there who identifies as a horse (this is high school, not elementary). As a horse, she has every right apparently, to act like a horse and she goes around kicking other children. Her son tried to complain after being kicked repeatedly and was told that he needs to deal with it, because that is who she is.

Let me get a couple things off my chest:

1) In the animal kingdom, animals do not just bully for the sake of bullying. Animals have behavioural rules and hierarchy. If you cannot play well with the pack, you are removed.

2) If we are going to allow children to be animals then for heavens sake, lets get some animal experts into the schools who can train such animals. Teachers are not animal trainers. In the Peace Country we are surrounded by cowboys and farmers. Let’s hire some cowboys to head into the schools and round up the animals and teach them how to behave. They break horses don’t they?

You may think this is far fetched but honestly how much further far fetched is letting the children run themselves by becoming the animals they want to be? Litter boxes instead of toilets? Really?

There is a phrase I have gotten tired of hearing and being thrown around like it is the “end of the matter”. That phrase is “follow the science” – I would like to apply that phrase here if I might.

Why don’t we follow the science in the matter of our children?

Scientifically, people give birth to people.

Dogs give birth to dogs.

Hamsters give birth to hamsters.

Horses give birth to horses.

Fruit fly’s give birth to fruit fly’s.

Try as you will, you cannot change that. Oh, you can create different dogs as in breeds, different cats, even different fruit flys, but you will always get the animal that is being bred. A giraffe will not give birth to an elephant. A turtle will not hatch a nest of chickens.

It’s pure science. Can’t be changed.

Why would it be okay for children to change up nature and science, especially in school, a place of learning, where we are supposed to be teaching science and the laws of nature and it is now okay to ditch the science?

There was an experiment with children years ago where someone decided it was mean to have fences around the school yard so they took them down. With the fences up, children played throughout the whole school yard, even playing on the fence. When they took the fences down, the children did not venture far from the building. The fences, the things we thought were mean, were how the children perceived their safety, they knew their boundaries. Without boundaries, they had no idea what to do.

I would like to offer my opinion that this identifying as whatever you feel, is like taking the fences down. There are no boundaries to protect the children, there are no parameters for them to know what is right and wrong. We have a generation that is floundering for identity.

“If you do not know whose you are, you will never know who you are.” (Charles Martin, The Record Keeper).

This quote is so bang on for this time we live in, where people are really not sure who they are.

Think about it: the normal now is split homes, multiple moms and dads, step siblings, step aunts, step grandparents. But within those splits people are often not getting along, so if I love my dad but my mom does not, I do not want to hurt my mom, so I have to only love my dad and not let my mom know. I am forced to get along with a person that just joined my family, but I do not know them. Kids are bombarded with trying to fit in to a group of people that they are not sure they fit into. The emotional toil is huge, this is mental gymnastics! Our tribes are messy, if we even have one.

“If you do not know whose you are, you will never know who you are.”

People, young, medium and old are longing for a sense of knowing whose they are. Loneliness is the number one problem in our world even with 850 million friends on facebook.

God says, to everyone, not just the Christians, not just the Jews, but to every single person in the entire world: “You are mine.”

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

God reached down from heaven, stepped onto the earth and said, “Come.” He came down just for you, and me, He called our name, even if it had just been you, He would have come. He loves you that much. You are His.

You are His. He created you. He wanted to create you, exactly the way you are. You do not have to change who you are, He loves you the way you were born, because that was the exact person He wanted. You are part of His tribe.

When we start to change the rules of nature, we run the risk of loosing our morals, our sense of right and wrong and I am not sure about you, if that picture at the top is the sign of things to come, it does not give me a lot of hope for our children or our world.

I want to know in my heart, that I took a stand and said something about these things because they are not right, they are not beneficial to society. I have to say, "No!" because at the end of the day, the choice to not say something, is like standing by and giving approval.

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Sep 21, 2022

Excellently expressed and so true. The story you mentioned about a child identifying as a cat at school and wanting to have a little box at school I believe is true. But the rest of the story is, the teacher explained to the cat, if she wants to be a cat they do their business outside when they don't live in the building. So she was welcome to do her business outside, but a litter box was not entering the school . Problem solved. No more talk of identifying a a cat. Lol


Steve Henry
Steve Henry
Sep 21, 2022


I have been on this earth for a number of years "80" and counting and when I read this blog it puts into my perspective how crazy this world has become and as a believer in our Savior Jesus Christ I must be His witness in this time and a voice for what is right.

God help me to stand firm in His Word. Jane thank you for this Blog. Good work!!


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