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Prayer & Other Things We Can Do

I had a few subjects to write about this week, but I think that there is probably no more important one in the world right now than the fear that is spreading throughout our world at rapid speed.

The world NEEDS to know that God is not up in heaven wringing His hands worried about the Corona Virus wondering what to do. If we, the church, wish to make an impact on our society, it is NOW.

People NEED HOPE. They need to see the church as people who have hope, and are different – not panicked, people who have compassion and love for their neighbors.

The world is pushing us apart, isolating us, keeping us fearful.

I for one, do not like it and I push back, but in a loving way.

The whole situation of the world is rather bizarre. We have never been here before and things will be different from now on and that can bring a level of anxiety and stress.

What can we do? How can we show the world we have hope?

Or maybe your faith is wavering as well? So perhaps this blog is for you.

Things that we CAN do:

1) What if instead of racing to the store and buying all the toilet paper, we each knocked on the doors of our neighbours with a couple rolls in hand and ask if they need any?

WHAT? How Bizarre! Why would we ever want to share the much-hoarded toilet paper? Because it is the right thing to do and it is an amazing opportunity to share the hope and love of God to a much hurting world.

2) Open a prayer room in your area or volunteer at one. If you missed last weeks blog about the Prayer Room – please read it (link below) and consider it. Right now, while you are not working, could you invest a couple hours a day, sitting somewhere with a sign that says: Prayer Room – if you have a need, we will pray. I can assure you your life will be changed forever and so will the world around you.

3) Drive Through Prayers: Another idea that came to me, more in line with the distancing rule: Drive Through Prayer Spots around your town. If churches are closed – park in the parking lot, Heck – go to Walmart parking lot or Costco! Have a large Sign with “Drive Through Prayers Available Here and wait, people will come. No touching, no contact, but the impact of the prayers and the lives touched will be eternal.

4) BBQ & Prayers: I just heard a fellow say that his idea is to take a BBQ, set up somewhere and give away free burgers and prayers to people.

Are you up for offering some hope? Then get ready, grab a couple rolls or a sign and go change a couple lives today, offer hope and love.

Do you have other ideas? Add comments of ideas that you have come up with to offer hope and love to others. Add them via the comments bar or to my facebook page or email them to me directly.

I have had some nifty dreams in the past week, two are directly related to the virus and I believe they had a message for us.

First one was about the plague of snakes in the desert in the book of Numbers 21 in the Old Testament. People had gotten mad at God and spoke out against Him, and this was after He had rescued them out of slavery. It is very similar to much of the world today they have given up on God. He was not pleased, and sent snakes. Those snakes bit people and they died. Moses asked God what to do to save the people and God said make a snake on a pole and set it up high, get the people to go and look up at it and they will live. The people could not save themselves, they humbly had to go and look up at a snake on a pole, but in doing that, they were saved.

We are fast entering into the Easter season. The season where Jesus was also hung up on a pole, to take the sins of the world upon Himself. Both these Biblical stories point us to look up to the one on the pole and live.

The people could no more save themselves from snake bites than we can stop the corona virus. We can no more save ourselves from our sins, than stop the corona virus. We personally can isolate, eat healthy, rest, but we cannot physically do anything about the actual virus.

God's message has not changed, especially at this Easter season, when around the world millions will celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will look up and live. We will trust in the only one who can make a difference in our life, and the lives of our family.

God says He will be our healer -Jehovah-Rapha , our deliverer - Jesus whose name means "God Saves", our provider - Jehovah Jireh, our supplier - El Shaddai.

Will you too, look up to the only one who can bring healing, hope and life to you and acknowledge that God is the only answer? It is only there at the foot of the cross staring up, that hope, healing and peace can be found.

Link to the Prayer Room Blog from last week: (**as of yesterday the thrift store closed until further notice, a new prayer room spot has not been found yet**)

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Mar 28, 2020

Love this you bring Hope


Mar 28, 2020

Thank you Jane Loves this post

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