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Let the Adventure Begin

Life with God should be an adventure. If you are sitting there and reading this and wondering what I am talking about then this could be a blog for you.

You cannot have a personal relationship with the Almighty God, His Son and be filled with the Holy Spirit and say life is boring; at least you should not be able to. This is the God of the universe, the creator of all things, the one who knows everything, and He wants to have a relationship with you, how could that not be all the ingredients for an adventure?

I am not saying my life is whoo hoo! A roller coaster thrill ride every day, not at all. But I am saying, that when you open your eyes in the morning and whisper the words, “What are we going to do today God?” you have just given permission for the adventure to begin!

"But," you say, "I have been locked in for a year now with Covid, what can I do?" Well, I am so glad you asked:

Covid does not really affect God all that much. He is still orchestrating the universe, He is still needing humans who are willing to step up and do His plans and you can do many, many things with masks on.

There are still people who are homeless – make some sandwiches and go hand them out. Hand out some Tim Hortons coupons, some socks or better yet a little care package with a little Bible, letting them know you and God really do care.

There are still people who needs visits. Visits can happen at the door, at a window, in a home, on a porch and in a hospital or seniors care center.

There are people who need some groceries delivered.

There are people who simply need a good old fashioned phone call, not a text. They need to hear a human voice.

There are people who need healing – go pray for someone! God is still in the business of healing – He has not stopped, have you?

Walk around your neighborhood praying for each and every house and the families in them. As you pass by a person, speak a blessing over them. Be a secret agent for God.

The principles for adventure contain some of the same ingredients as effectively running a business:

- Always put people before projects, never be too busy, be prepared to be interrupted in your day

- Value relationships way more than rules. God does and so should you

- Take chances for God instead of playing it safe

I listened to a pastor give a sermon and he said something like – “if your life is simply getting up, going to work/school, coming home, eating supper, watch tv and going to bed and the next day you repeat, then it is time to change it up!” That is not the life God planned for you, there is adventure to be had!

There are opportunities everyday to do some God business.

"Oh," you say, "I am not really comfortable doing that …." No one ever is comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone, so pull up the big girl panties and do it anyways if you want to experience adventure. Don’t do it, if you want life to stay the same, but know that you then are the one limiting God in your life.

Those people in the Bible, you know, those ones who did amazing stuff, they were plain ordinary folks who decided God had some adventures for them and they went for it. You should too!

No your name probably will not get written into the Bible but man will you have some exciting stories to share around the supper table or with your grandkids and the lives that have been changed because you decided to adopt adventure as a motto – those benefits will be eternal.

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