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A Song From Heaven - For Real

Music:  the most unusual, most unused and most misunderstood weapon available to us.

Perhaps you wonder to yourself why you would even have to know about "weapons". Well my friends, life is a battle, I am sure you have seen or felt that at some points in your life. You do not have to look around very far to see that there seems to be a constant tension between good and evil. You have a part to play in this battle and you have to know what position you hold.

Did you ever sing that song as a kid: "I'm in the Lord's Army", or "Onward Christian Soldiers". These golden oldies have for years taught us this idea of army, battle and that we are in it.

Read the Bible and it does not take long to come across passages talking about the battles of life, or the many scriptures talking about the "armies of God." The battle is real, good and evil have been around since before humans graced the earth and if you are in an army and in an active battle, you must know what weapons are available to you. Music is one of them.

When we sing to God, the angels in heaven join with us, the sound together vibrates the whole earth and the heavens. It is a mighty weapon used in warfare from old that has huge, tearing down effects for strongholds and demonic defenses. It is a battle cry in the spiritual world that calls out for others to join and announces that a battle is imminent. In the Old Testament we see repeatedly the armies of God marched out to battle with the worshippers, the trumpets, the music at the front of the line. It was a form of warfare. This is how the armies in the Old Testament went into battle.

To us this is strange, a very strange way to engage in a battle.

Consider this, music can go where preaching cannot, we can share the gospel without preaching simply by singing a song. Music is a universal language; it is everywhere on the planet. The words of a song carefully planted, can produce an abundant amount of harvest for good or bad. Music can push back the darkness, the demonic on the earth or it can encourage it. It can bring freedom to people caught in bondage and darkness. Music is a powerful weapon of war. Most of us like music or a certain kind of music, we want the music to agree with our preferances. But what if, music has so much more power than what you have been led to believe?

We have this weapon that we do not use fully down here on earth. But there is more… When I was in Israel many of the messages I heard were about music and sound. God is waiting for us to use our sound. God is calling up His church today, this very day, to rise up and start sharing our song/sound, to use our praise, to plant seeds with it, to breakdown strongholds and to help set people free. We need to rise up and walk in the power and anointing of God, sound is one of the anointings.

Check out this scripture: “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Exodus 14:13-14

When we are in battle, it would seem against our nature to stand still, it would go against our nature to sing when we see our enemy. But there are so many scriptures in the Bible that talk about God fighting for us. 2 Chronicles 20:17, Deuteronomy 3:22, 20:4, Psalm 34:17, Isaiah 42:13 and I could add a bunch more. Standing still does not mean you have to do nothing, you could open your mouth while you are standing there, praying, declaring, proclaiming, singing, and by doing so, you engage in the battle.

God created music, God has rhythm, God is the creator of all things. What would happen if God allowed us to hear some of the music that has been composed in heaven?

I was sent a video clip the other day and I was surprised at the content. A worship leader over in Thessalonica, Greece was given a dream by God. In the dream was Jesus and behind Jesus was an archangel. The man who had the dream, Nikos, gives a very interesting description of the archangel and what happened when the angel started to sing. The dream was so real, so vivid that when he woke up Nikos knew he had to write it down so he could remember and sing this song for people.

Other angels joined in and soon so many angels were singing this song that they were innumerable. Nikos awoke and kept singing the song and writing it down as fast as he could remember it.

Nikos sang this song given to him by heaven at his church. During the singing, demonic forces started releasing their hold on people, people were being healed, just by listening to the song. It has continued to produce supernatural results.

God does nothing by accident and it is not an accident that this song has been released by heaven at this time. God wants us to know this song, He is providing us with a weapon, supernatural power is released in this song.

When I heard the song, I was instantly struck with how powerful this song was. For me as I listened, I heard the angels in heaven both marching and singing. The Holy Spirit inside of me testifies to this song. It grabs my attention to my inner core. I can humbly state that this song has supernatural meaning to it.

Power in the spiritual realm is dependent upon your prayer and your praises. These two things create amazing power, they are part of our weapon inventory. It’s funny as we get older, we seem to lose interest in “sound”, the music becomes too loud, too annoying, and yet music holds the power to change the atmosphere of both heaven and earth, we should never tire of it.

Heaven is waiting for your sound to join the chorus. You can make a difference with your voice. In the book of Daniel, in the Old Testament, it says Daniel got down onto the floor to pray three times per day.

“Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” Daniel:6:10

Daniel, who even when it was forbidden by law, continued to honor God in prayer (sound), three times a day. He used his voice. God wants us to use ours.

God has raised the battle cry by giving us all this heavenly song and what a battle cry it is.

It is Easter, a most wonderful and precious time of the year. Jesus is the reason behind the season. His brutal death, His burial and His resurrection are center stage. He is our salvation, He is the head of God's army. He has provided us with everything we need to be saved and have eternal life. Now He stands beside us, with this song and fights for us, once again.

The song is called; You Are The Almighty God by Nikos & Pelagia Politis

Link to the Song in English:

I would challenge you to sit and listen to the song and then use the song to surround your prayers as you "fight" as you war on behalf of your loved ones, your city, your country, your world. Use the song to anoint your home, your work, your family. God has blessed us with a supernatural means to stand and see Him fight our battles. He did not give us this song to simply listen and forget or say, "well it was a nice song." No - this song is a warrior song, it has the ability to change lives, we are to use it.

I have put the link here of the church where the song was sung and the testimonies of what happened when it was sung. The church is in Greece so English is the subtitles.

May you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Easter, He Is Risen.

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