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  • Jane Wheeler

I Won Trading Spaces

I noticed that the Trading Spaces TV show is back on, now these are not new shows, rather reruns of the original series.

It made me nostalgic. I went back in time and remembered that I had indeed won a Trading Spaces Contest. It was the Prince George version, but I won.

The contest was sponsored by Wild Country Radio, a station in Prince George. I had heard about the contest and you had to call in and be caller number something to even get your name entered in the draw. I only tried to call in once, but I was the correct caller and my name got entered into the final draw.

The morning of the draw was a strange morning, I had a breakfast meeting before work and yet I knew that I was going to win the contest. Before I slipped out the door, I placed the phone (landline) beside my son's head and told him to answer it if it rang, take a message and I would call as soon as I could.

I got to work and my employee was beside herself exclaiming that I had to call the radio station "right away". I had indeed won the Trading Spaces contest.

Now if you are not familiar with the contest, what happens is that you and another person get to "Trade Spaces" with another couple and decorate each others rooms. It had to be cosmetic, not major work. My friend Sheila and her husband Brian were the other couple I choose to trade with. I choose my friend Erna to go to Sheila and Brian's with me and do the work they wanted done. We each got a radio station personality to work with and a designer and seamstress. We started the work Friday evening and it had to all be done by 1:00 on Sunday for the final reveal.

It was a glorious weekend, a lot of hard work, but totally fun!

Brian and Sheila wanted an upgrade in their master bedroom. Erna and I painted the bedroom, and ensuite. We gave them new bedding, curtains and decor.

In my house, Brian and Sheila re-did my living room. They put in new flooring, curtains, paint and furniture. What an absolute delight and very humbling to walk into a brand new space, created and designed just for you.

I think heaven might be just like that, a place that is being prepared and designed just for you!

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